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For those in a know, Christine Radjimin’s final name is a reputable name in a Indonesian liberality business. In a past 3 years, however, Christine and her hermit Erastus have staked their possess belligerent with ARTOTEL Indonesia. After a successful ARTOTEL Surabaya and Jakarta, they stretched a business and brought their hybrid art-hotel judgment to Bali, an island where art and liberality are a heart and soul. She tells Indonesia Design a story behind ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali.

Among all locations in Bali, because Sanur?
Sanur has always been viewed as a selected art heart of Bali, though rather lost and shadowed by a limelight of other areas in Bali such as Kuta or Seminyak. We see a event whereby there has not been many stylish and contemporary establishments in Sanur. And we see how Sanur has gotten younger over a years. Previously deemed as a aged people destination, today Sanur is flocked with immature couples and immature families. There is extensive tourism intensity in Sanur to attract abroad and internal travellers, as good as a residents of Sanur itself.

What are a clever points of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali and what are your approaches to entice some-more (young) people to this area/hotel?
Our clever indicate is a lifestyle experience. At ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali, we have a story to tell during roughly any dilemma of a hotel, anticipating that guest would take a story home and continue revelation those stories. This comes with comfort within strech and within budget. Our beds are so gentle that we wouldn’t wish to get up! Given a specifications and a facilities, we consider ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali offers a good value for income compared to other hotels in a area. Location is great, only a step divided from a beach, and right on a categorical travel of Sanur where we can find anything we need, from restaurants, bars, art market, etc.

The ARTOTEL code and pattern would be some-more appealing to a immature people. The stylish design would attract design-savvy travellers or only those who need a flattering dilemma to take a selfie for their amicable medias. Besides, we have live song and DJ during certain nights in ROCA, a 24-hour restaurant, also in BART (Bar during Roof Top), that is a dear sister of BART Jakarta. So it’s unequivocally not your standard “granny’s hotel” in Sanur.

How do we collect a artists and their artworks?
All a collaborating artists selected are comparatively immature and emerging, vital in Bali, and truly vital a art of Bali. Their artworks paint their take on contemporary Balinese art. We picked a organisation of artists with opposite flairs, opposite techniques, opposite mediums, and even opposite concepts to emanate singular ambiance to any floors. Although they were all given a same brief and theme: kites. It’s extraordinary how their interpretations and executions differ from one another. Ines Katamso for example, her artworks uncover what she does best, charming prints with immaculate thread details. Kemalezedine shows off his strength in his line work of normal Balinese drawing, and twists it into an extraordinary contemporary piece. And of march for a opening we need something confidant and striking, and we couldn’t consider of any sculptor improved than Pintor Sirait for this consecrated work.

We listened we are now building a beach bar circuitously this hotel. Please share some-more about this project.
This is an sparkling plan underway! We only allocated a French architect, and we’re now operative on a judgment and design. Definitely it will be a beach bar for everybody that generally caters to immature families. Hopefully Sanur will never be a same!


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