Chloe Babauta explores Ubud, a heart of Bali

Since I’m finally a genuine grown-up and have a full-time job, we motionless it was time to transport on my possess for a initial time. I’ve visited opposite countries with my family before, so I’m a bit of a seasoned traveler — yet this was my initial time going to a new nation all by myself.

I indeed haven’t review a book “Eat, Pray, Love,” yet we know a protagonist goes to Bali, Indonesia during some indicate to find middle peace, and ends adult descending in love. After we recently went by a breakup, we felt like Bali would be a ideal place for me to tumble in love, yet with myself — as cheesy as that might sound.

I chose to spend my vacation in a informative heart of Bali, Ubud. It’s about an hour’s expostulate divided from a airport, nestled in a mountains.

It was a bit some-more touristy than we suspicion it would be, yet a whole area was totally sensuous and enchanting. The trees were so aged and majestic, and looked like how we would suppose Guam would be if we didn’t have so many typhoons to hit down a vegetation.

Even usually strolling a streets is an experience. If you travel into one of a shops, spas or villa areas, any mark has a possess singular garden — filled with shrines, birdcages, paintings and other pointless decor.


I’m certain Ubud has inexpensive hotels and hostels, yet Airbnb worked good for me. we was means to book my room months in advance, review other guests’ reviews and demeanour by a garland of photos before choosing.

I stayed during a pleasing villa on a hinterland of a categorical traveller hub, that was pacific during night yet a bit distant from many of a shops and restaurants. There are tiny restaurants via Ubud, so you never have to travel too distant to find some food.


Massages are ridiculously inexpensive in Bali, so yield yourself constantly. we attempted to get a massage once any day we was there. Lots of tiny shops offer 60-minute massages for about $8, and their services are even improved than a $45 Balinese massage we get any few months on Guam.

If we do anything in Bali, be certain to revisit a day spa. we requisitioned a 5-hour package during Nur Salon for usually about $60. They gave me a 90-minute full-body massage, physique scrub, flower petal bath, prohibited ginger tea, facial treatment, manicure, pedicure, hair diagnosis and conduct massage. we was in heaven!

Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest is a refuge for monkeys, that have gotten some-more assertive around humans given it’s turn a renouned traveller captivate over a years. Not usually is it a primary mark for your subsequent Facebook form picture, it’s also a cold park to try with aged ruins, bridges and temples.

My villa was a one-minute travel divided from a park — a hosts told me to keep my windows sealed during night since a monkeys come by foraging for food in a morning.

I suspicion carrying a gorilla for a cuddle friend would be darling and deliberate withdrawal my windows ajar usually in case. But when we met a monkeys firsthand, they weren’t as lovable and accessible as Abu from Aladdin during all.

If we revisit a Monkey Forest, positively do not move any food with we — not even in your bag. The monkeys can smell it. we review some warning signs on my approach in that pronounced if a gorilla climbs on tip of you, usually let it leave on a possess and don’t hold it.

I was walking by a trees alone when a tiny gorilla crawled underneath my dress and was personification around with me. This was ideal Instagram material, so we got out my phone and started recording. Then another gorilla leapt onto my conduct and shoulders, that we suspicion was overwhelming until he gripped into my hair and gnawed during my scalp for about an whole minute.

The knowledge was really traumatic, yet we finished adult carrying fun after once we got gentle around a nicer monkeys. One attendant helped me attract them with corn kernels and mini bananas and took some good photos for me.

Coffee camp tour

There are so many tiny family-owned coffee plantations in a area, so get extemporaneous and try whichever one we come by first. we visited dual and any were opposite yet equally fun experiences. we went to a smaller, reduction blurb camp and one of a workers showed me any plant before they’re incited into coffee and tea — from cacao to ginger.

They also showed me how Kopi Luwak Coffee, or “cat poop coffee” is made. I’m not certain who came adult with a thought to decoction coffee beans eaten and eaten by these furious mammals, yet it’s famous as a world’s best coffee and is super expensive. The feline animals know that beans are a best to eat, and their digestive processes finish adult enlightening a coffee to make it delicious.

At a finish of a debate they gave me a giveaway moody of coffee and tea samples, like a drink flight, and we paid a few dollars to try out this special coffee. I’m not most of a coffee aficionado, yet we substantially wouldn’t compensate over $7 for an ounce, like they sell on Amazon.

Holy Spring Water Temple

Foreign and domestic tourists come to a church for a spiritually clarification waters. It’s about a 20-minute expostulate divided from executive Ubud, so we would suggest engagement a motorist by your hotel or Airbnb to take we around to a sightseeing spots out of walking distance. It costs about $30 to $40 for a few hours.

Bathing in this open is ostensible to move we blessings, yet my motorist was being an overprotective father and told me not to go in since we didn’t have a change of clothes. It’s a eremite church so you’ll have to be respectful. Follow their manners and put on one of a wraps they yield for modesty.


Ubud is yoga-obsessed — roughly to a indicate of being culturally exploitive with all a overpriced yoga wardrobe and unpleasant “namaste” puns on shirts for sale. If we demeanour past all that though, we can suffer practicing yoga and anticipating some middle assent in this devout village. The Yoga Barn is rarely endorsed by many people who revisit Ubud. The studio offers single-class passes and multi-class passes depending on how mostly we wish to practice.

Rice terraces

The views here were unreal. You can also see what rice indeed looks like before it’s in a bag during Pay-Less. Make certain we come with tiny money bills since children and workers stay posted during opposite points on a walkways and ask for donations for highway maintenance.

Reporter Chloe Babauta keeps readers adult to date on Guam’s latest trends, food spots, festivals and more. Follow her on Twitter @chloebabauta and Instagram @mestisachamorrita. Follow Pacific Daily News on Facebook/GuamPDN and Instagram @guampdn.

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