Chilika Lagoon The entertainment of nature

It is a place where dolphins, eagles, and fish along with humans co-habit in negotiated assent and consecutive harmony, writes SOMEN SENGUPTA

Till now during several tiny coastal villages of Odisha, a festival called Bali Yatra is distinguished on a vast scale. People offer their loyalty to sea God and urge for protected thoroughfare of those who had left these shores many years ago for an different land named Bali. This Bali is today’s Indonesia where centuries ago for a consequence of trade and commerce, people from this pier used to squeeze a call of a sea.

The pier is prolonged left and so is Bali as a land of sea trade. Bali is now a sea shelter for abounding people travelling to Indonesia, since a tiny coastal villages of Odisha have not altered most in terms of characteristics and healthy beauty. The usually change is that a sea seaside where this pier existed is no some-more and instead a outrageous firth dons a embankment of region.

At a sea mouth of a Bay of Bengal on a coastal line of complicated day Odisha, inlet has combined one of a best magnum opus. A outrageous H2O widespread covering a aspect area of 1,165 sq km and using some-more than 32 km on coastal line that touches 3 districts of Odisha viz Puri, Ganjam, and Khurda is an extraordinary healthy beauty in each count. This firth is a second biggest in a universe and home of one of a biggest association of roving birds drifting down from Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Ara sea channel over countries like Russia, Tibet, Mongolia and many other tools of a world. Needless to say, a value box of Chilika Lagoon has many some-more things to offer. Spotting a singular turtle on a silt bank or examination a integrate of dolphins or a fish eagle are usually a few some-more memorable things to mention.

The coastal limit of Odisha is one of a longest in India. Thanks to a vicinity to sea, from time ancient several sea ports dotted a sea seaside and stream confluence. According to a geological study, in a Pleistocene era, sea was extended on western seaside and a whole area was underneath water. Then over a period, a seashore changed easterly formulating a outrageous H2O body, that is now famous as Chilika Lagoon. From Dec to June, salt H2O from a sea enters Chilika, while from July, fueled by monsoon water, 52 rivers and rivulets fill adult a space with honeyed water, so completing a singular ecological routine by nature.

If a scholarship of geology has this to say, afterwards mythology and internal fable have most some-more to add. Chilika, that is a salvation of all habitants of a islands and encampment on a shore, is installed with legends. One fable has it that bandit aristocrat Raktabahu, with a devise to rob Puri temple, arrived here with a outrageous swift of ship. Gauging his antagonistic intentions, a sea H2O changed backward, creation anchoring unfit for a pirate. Out of anger, Raktabahu pounded a sea, that in spin cleared him divided with a partial of it. That distant partial of sea is today’s Chilika Lagoon.

Authentic story might not be really specific though has available many anxiety of a pier that was here for many years. It was usually for this pier for that once on a time Kalinga aristocrat was famous as Lord of Sea. In a 10th century, in a ancient content Brahmanda Purana, this place was referred to as a indicate to bond Java, Malaya, Singhala and China, giving a scold aptitude to Bali Yatra. In a travelogues of Greek traveller Ptolemy and Chinese traveller Fa-Hien and Xuan-zang, a pier of Odisha named Chattragargh were mentioned. It is insincere that it was somewhere nearby Chilika. Fossil found here are as aged as 3,500 years since a new find of an iron anchor and a 7th century mill inscription from Kanas encampment nearby Chilika cements a fact that there was indeed a low sea pier here.

Today, Chilika is one of a best healthy resources of India and a significance in ecology and commerce is immense. It is a source of keep for both tellurian and non-human habitants and a critical cause in Odisha’s biodiversity. It’s a rarely prolific ecosystem and a intensity of tourism creates it a value means by God to India.

A bird eye perspective of a topographic map of Chilika clearly shows that a enlargement is most some-more on easterly than west. In south, where a Bay of Bengal kisses a bank of a lake, a landscape is populated with several waterlines formulating many sea mouths. These slight waterlines joining sea and a lake are a headquarters of famous Irraswaddy dolphins. This is their entertainment of opening where they play and mostly burst from a water, charity appreciated memories to visitors. The northern limit line runs roughly together to a railway lane and National Highway 16, charity a monumental perspective of a outrageous H2O physique with a hilly horizon.

No consternation that years ago while travelling on this railway lane and unaware a low blue H2O of Chilika, mythological Oriya producer Gopabandhu Das was so mesmerised that he mentioned that knowledge in fact in his writing. Like a inhabitant park, this firth also has several entrance points and each indicate is particular and equally thrilling. The Rambha entrance indicate takes one to a famous island mingled with fable and stories. Their names are equally amazing. One island is called Breakfast island, while another is called Honeymoon. If one enters a lake from Barkil and INS Chilika, a low immature H2O of a lake with singular birds will acquire you; we will have a limit possibility to see a dance of a dolphins if an entrance is taken from Satpara nearby Puri.

Every entrance indicate has trickery to see a firth in engine boats and high speed complicated boats. A speed vessel with a inlet beam who knows a lake and a fauna are indispensable here. The vessel glides in immature and blue transparent clear H2O of a lagoon, touches banks of a islands and takes we nearby singular birds and dolphins. From each entrance point, Chilika looks like a goldmine of examination roving birds. The Zoological Survey of India has rescued some-more than 800 class in and around Chilika, of that many are singular and endangered. The bird fauna of Chilika has no compare with any other lake or firth of India. As many as 151 class from 26 families have been rescued so distant and it is augmenting each flitting year. Of these, 96 class are long-distant migrants and a rest are local. There are 13 class of eagles and 22 class of ducks here.

Among singular birds, a golden plover arrives initial in early September, while white bellied sea eagle, ladle billed sandpiper, cranes etc cover a whole lake. Chilika is a winter home for Central Asian waterfowl popularly famous as flamingo. In winter, a vast partial of Chilika turns into a flamingo kingdom, and 75 per cent of these flamingoes park themselves nearby Nalabana island.

Like each other healthy wonder, Chilika has a possess dangers and threats. Massive intrusion and H2O wickedness are some of a categorical worries. Overdose of tourism is also badly inspiring a biodiversity balance. Overcoming all these, Chilika still stands high in India’s healthy consternation list. The Odisha Government also has shaped several bodies to strengthen Chilika, a entertainment of inlet where dolphins, eagle and fish along with humans co-habit in negotiated assent and consecutive harmony.

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