‘Chicken Satay’ Served during Popular Tourist Destination Is Actually Dog Meat, Report Finds

Unsuspecting tourists in a renouned review city of Bali are eating dog beef that’s being advertised as duck satay, according to a unfortunate new report.

The Australian Broadcasting Company reports that an review led by Animals Australia found that vendors in a Indonesian hotspot were deceptively offered tourists dog meat, that was a product of torturing and murdering dogs.

After revelation an clandestine questioner that a food was done from slaughtered canines and not chicken, a businessman approached tourists on 66 Beach in Seminyak.

“Satay only one dollar,” a businessman is listened observant on video, though when pulpy about what was in a “mystery bag,” he doesn’t divulge a same information to a Australian visitors.

“Satay chicken, not dog?” one traveller asked.

“No, not dog,” a businessman replied.

“I’m happy only as prolonged it’s not dog,” a male pronounced before shopping and immoderate a meat.

“Tourists will travel down a street, they’ll see a travel store offered satay though what they are not realizing is a letters RW on a store meant it is dog beef being served,” Animals Australia’s debate executive Lyn White said.

The clandestine questioner for Animals Australia acted as a documentary builder meddlesome in a internal cuisine.

“I began a review by pinpointing and removing to know a pivotal players in Bali’s totally unregulated dog-meat industry,” he said. “Eventually, they invited me to join them as their gangs stole, hunted, tainted and killed dogs.”

The questioner witnessed dogs who were muzzled, firm by a legs with fasten and pressed into bamboo cages where they laid in their possess waste. A dog catcher, who certified to throwing twelve dogs per week since he can't find another pursuit during age 83, bludgeons a animals to genocide with a steel pole.

The questioner also saw other ways to kill a dogs, including sharpened them and unresolved them.

He also filmed a puppy eating a fish conduct laced with cyanide and failing shortly after.

“It took many, painful mins for a puppy to die, and for a initial time in my career, we incited off a camera,” he said. “I sat rub-down him as he died and found myself apologizing for a cruelty of my associate man.”

The process of poisoning also poses a hazard to a oblivious consumer of a meat.

“Cyanide is not going to be broken by cooking. So there will be cyanide via a dog’s body,” Dr. Andrew Dawson of a New South Wales Poisons Information Centre said. “The tangible risk depends on how most poison is in a dog meat.”

While eating dog beef is not bootleg in Bali, murdering animals rigourously or portion beef infested with poison is opposite a law, White said.

“The dog-meat trade breaches animal cruelty laws and food reserve laws,” she told ABC. “That is a matter of fact.”

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