Check out Sepia’s sister grill Proxi before it opens in June

Even yet Proxi is still some-more than a month from opening to a open — slated for a second week of Jun — crews are bustling inside and outward a griddle to get a space open for chefs and food attention movers in city for a James Beard Awards.

Two years in a making, Proxi is a latest plan helmed by Sepia’s prepare Andrew Zimmerman and co-owner Emmanuel Nony. “With Sepia branch 10 years aged this summer, we felt it was time to unleash a second project,” pronounced a latter during a media walkthrough of a space Monday.  

“Even yet it seems like a right time to (open a restaurant) during 10 years in, we felt we were prepared during a eighth anniversary to do this,” pronounced Zimmerman. “Finding a right space took time.”

That space? On a dilemma of Jefferson and Randolph streets, usually down a retard from a comparison sister — a backdoors of Sepia and Proxi are usually 20 feet apart.

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