Chasing liberty: Tricity women descending in adore with thought of travelling solo or in lady gangs

By: Anindita.Acharya

Jas K Shan’s contention (she runs a aptness and dance facilitation centre in Sector 44) requires her to transport abroad frequently though her life’s loyal “transformative journey” was her initial solo outing to Thailand in 2012. “It done me realize my middle strength and how we can find friends in strangers,” she said.

Since then, Jas has taken a new highway and found condolence in travel. Come Jun 15, this freespirited wayfarer is streamer to Switzerland, Poland, and Germany. She will also locate adult with a crony whom she met in Hua Hin, Thailand. “I make a unwavering preference not to demeanour during my mobile phone while travelling. In fact, we took a 12-hour sight tour from Budapest to Zurich usually to observe a landscape. Life has so many to offer,” pronounced Jas, 30, who has trafficked to Egypt, Dubai, Russia, Budapest, and Hungary.

Either solo or in groups, as university students or immature operative professionals, as alumni or bachelorettes, many Chandigarh women are travelling. Chander Lekha Lath finished a 10-day outing opposite South East Asia during 65. From cruising along a Halong Bay to enjoying an organic dish in Bali, Lath did it all in a association of her sister.


A Cleartrip consult says 40% of a sum searches on a online transport height were done by women from heading non-tier-1 cities such as Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Indore, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Patna. Neharika Bhutani of Pack Your Bags transport organisation in Sector 40-B, Chandigarh, said: “The amicable media has done transport reduction daunting and women also take impulse from other women exploring a world. “I have mislaid count of my lady traveller clients from north India. Five years ago, they were usually a few. Technology has authorised families to relax in a believe that they are connected to their desired ones during all times,” pronounced Neharika, a solo traveller herself.

Balu Ramachandran, conduct of atmosphere and placement wings of Cleartrip, said: As women are removing financial autonomy and fatter pays, a judgment of solo transport is also gaining traction in a country. “The proliferation of intelligent inclination and larger bearing to a amicable media is permitting some-more women to set-off on their possess but any anxiety,” he said.


Mompreneur Sushma Paul of Holiday Cellar, Panchkula, has seen a tectonic change in a travelling settlement in two-to-three years, to a indicate where Tricity mothers are travelling with kids and lady gangs are holding brief breaks from work and education. “A new organisation we sent on a day outing comprised housewives, propagandize and college girls, and a grandmother with a twoyear-old. Modern women juggle home and high-stress jobs. All they wish is leisure and respirating space.”

Neharika said: “In Punjab, women like organisation transport some-more than solo trips. Many groups of Punjabi women come to us looking for a event holiday.”


Himachal Pradesh stays women’s many renouned weekend getaway, and Manali, Ladakh, Goa, and Rajasthan favourite destinations. Expedia’s India selling conduct Manmeet Alhuwalia said: “Dubai, Canada, a UK, a US, Australia, and New Zealand are where the women clients from Chandigarh like to fly, maybe since they have friends and family there or maybe since journey competition and informative tourism have held their fancy.”

Many women of this segment suffer rafting in Rishikesh and paragliding in Himachal. “I crossed one object off my bucket list after doing bungee jumping in Singapore,” pronounced Kiran Rampal of Sector 19. Neharika says: “Our ladies are also going out to pizza-making workshops in Naples and Thai cooking category in Phuket. They make memories.”

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