CCTV clips on YouTube uncover MACC chief, lady in Bali

TWO closed-circuit radio videos display tip graft-buster Dzulkifli Ahmad and a married lady holding hands and going into a grill in Bali have surfaced, notwithstanding his denials and allegations of a smear campaign by a antithesis or gambling syndicates.

The one notation 40 seconds video was uploaded on a YouTube video-sharing site yesterday with links to a blog containing posts with accusations of a tip Umno personality orchestrating a cover of a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) arch commissioner’s extramarital affair. 

In a video, a male who appears to demeanour like Dzulkifli is holding hands with a lady while entrance out of a hotel in Bali. The video was afterwards steady in slow-motion. Another shave in a video showed a integrate in a restaurant.

The residue of a video showed a room where Dzulkifli allegedly stayed while in Bali final Jul and a shave of his partner bringing out luggage. 

Previous video clips have shown moody tickets, hotel registration papers and other cinema of a integrate in Bali and luggage being carted out of a hotel.

Dzulkifli finally addressed rumours of his purported extramarital event final Tuesday, joining a claims to “dirty and outrageous attacks” by unnamed people.

But a MACC arch did not directly endorse nor repudiate a purported event with a woman, pronounced to be a authorised manager in government-linked firm. She and her father divorced final month and has denied a affair. 

The YouTube site containing a video shave is now related to a blog with posts on a purported extramarital affair. One of a posts indicted a tip Umno personality of heading a cover in sequence to disguise his possess swindle case.

One post also contained allegations of a accordant debate by Umno leaders with a MACC arch opposite Parti Warisan Sabah personality Shafie Apdal, claiming that several of those arrested in a swoop recently were hold in hotel bedrooms and coerced into admissing to hurtful activities.

Another post claims that another Umno personality had given a RM10 million cheat to move down Shafie.

Police yesterday pronounced they are questioning a videos uploaded so far. A military news on a initial video shave was lodged by a sales executive final week.

Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun pronounced military are questioning a box for allegedly interesting a married lady with a vigilant of carrying unlawful intercourse.

Those found guilty face adult to dual years’ jail, a fine, or both.

“Give us time to examine this matter. It is not easy for us to detect (who is responsible), though we are perplexing tough to find out who it is,” he said. – Oct 19, 2017.

MACC arch commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad has conjunction reliable nor denied an event with a lady who divorced her father final month. – The Malaysian Insight record pic, Oct 19, 2017.

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