Cansurvive Dragon Boat Team Bras for Bali

Cansurvive Dragon Boat Team Bras for Bali

breast cancer survivor dragon vessel team, CanSurvive, are
heading to Indonesia subsequent week to contest in a tiny boat
(ten paddler) regatta in Bali.

So they have connected with
the Balinese Pink Ribbon Foundation to ask if there
was any approach they could offer them some assistance in their work
with breast cancer patients and survivors on a island.

Bali Pink Ribbon requested most indispensable 2nd palm bras,
which can be handed out to encampment women as they travel
across a island on their Pink Ribbon Roadshow, offering
support and preparation to breast cancer sufferers.

In the
spirit of ‘paying it forward’ as ‘breast friends’ the
CanSurvive group have been bustling collecting suitable second
hand bras to present to Bali Pink Ribbon when they arrive in
Kuta subsequent week. They will fill their paddle bags with bras
to palm on to their Bali sisters.

CanSurvive, who took
silver in this year’s National Championships, are completing
their successful 2017 deteriorate racing in a 3 day South
East Asian dragon vessel festival.

“We’ve had a full on
paddling deteriorate this summer, winning bullion medals in
Wellington, and during a North Island championships, afterwards two
fourth places during a World Masters Games final weekend”
explained president Iona-Elwood Smith.

“This festival
will be a good foe to finish adult with, before moving
into some-more off-water winter training.” she said.

It is also
the ideal event to bond with breast cancer
survivors in Bali, and offer them some support.” she

A few group members will also be advantageous adequate to
join with Taiwanese masculine dragon boaters in a churned team,
which promises to be both severe and stirring for the
CanSurvive women.

They will also be travelling with their
buddy group from a Hutt Valley, a Valley Dragons, who
have entered into a churned open


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