Canary islands face volcano tear and tsunami warning

After a year that has seen regard about intensity voicano eruptions in Iceland, Italy and Bali, volcanologists on a Canary Islands have been asked to work out either a island of La Palma is confronting an approaching eruption.

The experts have been asked to guard activity on a island, that saw 400 tremors in 15 hours over a weekend, according to The Express.

Close to Tenerife, Cumbre Vieja (meaning “Old Summit”) formerly erupted in 1949 and 1971. After a new tremors – and a 3.5cm arise in a earth over a past year – scientists have been asked to guard a volcano, amid fears that an tear competence lead to an trembler and probable tsunami. 

So now a special hydrogeochemical monitoring programme has been set adult in a bid to urge volcanic monitoring of a volcano. Scientists will take samples of subterranean waters and PH levels, conductivity, heat and dissolved gas activity 3 times a week during 4 locations in Cumbre Vieja.

Meanwhile, a group from a National Geographic Institute (IGN) are monitoring a site around a volcano 24 hours a day.


Recent seismic movements of a low bulk lifted concerns over a volcano’s rising activity, trimming between 1.5 and 2.7 on a Richter scale and adult to 17.4 miles underground. While experts have warned that an tear binds a intensity of formulating a tidal wave, academics have been discerning to indicate out a mega tsunami is unlikely.

Iain Stewart, Professor of Geoscience Communication during a University of Plymouth, told The Independent: “The probability of a inauspicious fall of a volcano is a unequivocally argumentative emanate among geologists. There has positively been vast chunks of a volcanic island that have isolated in a apart past, presumably compared with volcanic activity.

“But there’s no justification that this is happened in a final 10,000 years, and no signs that a fall was so large and remarkable that it constructed outrageous tsunamis. It is theoretically possible, though many geologists consider that smaller some-more localised collapses of a high sides is some-more likely.

“This could beget internal tsunamis with mortal waves a few metres high, though what we call transoceanic tsunamis are unlikely.”

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