Businessman puts landmark 1.5-tonne wooden Buddha adult for sale

HAVE we always dreamed of apropos a unapproachable owners of a one-and-a-half-tonne wooden Buddha?

If so, you’re in luck. Geoffrey Townley has one for sale after shutting his Bahn Thai restaurant, that is reopening as a Brazilian steakhouse.

Geoffrey is charity a Buddha, that is embellished gold, for a right price.

The plain joist Buddha, now sitting in Wickham Road, Fareham, weighs around one-and-a-half tonnes and is only underneath 7ft high and 4ft wide.

Geoffrey said: ‘We’ve had lots of seductiveness and a pointer hasn’t been adult for some-more than a day.’

He added: ‘A Buddha doesn’t have any association (with a new restaurant) so it feels like a right time to sell it on.

‘Despite a weight, relocating a statue isn’t a problem – I’ve spent my life building vast complicated boats.’

Keen traveller Geoffrey, who has lived in Bishop’s Waltham for 35 years, picked adult a Buddha in Bali.

Geoffrey, a vessel builder, said: ‘I worked during Portchester Dock though a pursuit took me opposite a globe.

‘I trafficked to Indonesia, Java and Bali 5 times a year.

‘I remember spotting these large, pleasing Buddhas in a joist yard in Bali.

‘I wanted dual as we suspicion they’d be ideal for my garden. They’re really soothing. The problem was that it took me 4 attempts to get them.

‘Each time they done one for me, they would sell it to somebody else.

‘When we found out a association were creation another two, we motionless to compensate them a visit.

‘When we arrived during a yard we saw dual group with huge chainsaws, figure a Buddhas. Quite a sight.’

After securing them, a businessman had to face a plea of shipping a large statues from Bali to England.

He said: ‘I knew shipping would be really difficult.

‘I rented a lorry and we ecstatic them behind in containers, with some other seat we’d bought in Semarang. It took 12 hours.’

Geoffrey after motionless that he wanted to deliver a flavours of Thailand to Fareham.

‘Soon enough, Bahn Thai was born,’ he said. ‘A Buddha is a kind of thing we design to see during a Thai grill so we changed one to a site and built a tabernacle for it to lay in.

‘People desired it.’

Geoffrey still has a other Buddha in his garden during home.

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