#Brunchtravels: Always wanted to go to Bali? Go to suburban Ubud instead

Society, my profession, my family… everybody is always perplexing to learn me to be a ideal woman. Hair in place, always in heels, ideally coiffed and manicured, prosaic belly, transparent skin and spare thighs.

Yet we have always been utterly a conflicting – swimming in oceans, jumping in puddles, using around barefoot, dancing in a sleet and eating all in sight.

My family would infrequently contend in annoyance when we had been out all day in a sun, looking like a tiny transport kid, “You’re such a rakharpatti (this might be a done adult disastrous word for wanderer). Whose daughter are you?”

I would get smacked for swimming out too low in a ocean. My family was always endangered about my well-being, perplexing to strengthen me and husband me into being what multitude considers ‘a grand woman’.

When people asked me what my aspiration was, we never suspicion of Bollywood or acting. we suspicion we was going to see a world, float in it, dive into opposite cultures. we was going to ambience life and all it had to offer. we was going to have adventures. That was my dream. And all else, modelling, acting, hosting shows, etc., was a means to get to it.

I started modelling and afterwards got picked by MTV to go to Singapore, from where we hosted shows that aired all over Asia.My “rakharpatti” suggestion was stronger than ever.I wanted to learn a world. Here we was, earning a good income as a teen and vital divided from home. The universe was my oyster and we was going to learn it. So one weekend, we sensitively packaged a bag and jumped on a moody to Bali but revelation anyone. we was about 19 years old.

The prominence of my outing was Ubud, that non-stop a embankment to hundreds of solo supernatural adventures for me. we remember entrance behind from a outing feeling empowered. It was my entrance of age story. Travelling solo done me who we am today.

I schooled that we was obliged for myself. It done me trust in me. It taught me while it’s good to rest on someone, it’s also good to know that that someone is me.

Whenever life’s tiny problems arise, we remind myself of all my solo adventures starting in Ubud, Bali. And we am means to grin and face whatever conditions arises, large or small.

So Ubud, Bali, is really special to me. That’s why, when we motionless to start documenting my travels for amicable media and get into a universe of transport blogging, we motionless to go behind to Ubud. That small, mystical, devout encampment in Bali that a universe now knew from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. Ubud had been all those 3 things to me before we even review a book. Ubud means ‘medicine’ in Bahasa, and a atmosphere has enchanting recovering powers. Even yet it has turn most some-more swarming and blurb given we visited as a teenager, Ubud once again did some sorcery and altered my life, opening adult a whole new universe for me, reminding me who we was and always wanted to be.

I hear stately families from opposite Indonesia sent their delicate members to Ubud to be cured. This tradition continues even today, with people from all over a universe nearing in wish of healing.

I leave Ubud refreshed, healed and with a wink in my eye, only like we did when we visited as a teenager.

The author is a former VJ whose adore for transport and photography has taken her all around a world. Her Instagram posts are proof!

From HT Brunch, Jun 18, 2017

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