Boutique hotels take Southeast Asia by storm

Small boutique hotels with singular duty comforts competence essentially seem no compare for a selling competence of ubiquitous bondage when they representation for meetings business. 

Yet,  boutique properties can use their comforts and locations to win clients, as Villa Song Saigon does in Ho Chi Minh City.

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“Despite being a tiny 23-room boutique hotel, we indeed do a lot of events,” says Yega Thiyagarajan, a property’s ubiquitous manager. “In Jan 2018 alone, we did 28 events, vast and small, including 9 weddings.”  Part of a Secret Retreats network, Villa Song Saigon offers one categorical assembly space and a smaller house room for meetings.

Boutique hotels mostly miss vast ballrooms, though can still benefaction a singular pitch. “We don’t contest with vast hotels, [but] we do tailor-made bespoke events for companies that find a disproportion in venue and feeling,” says Dany Lützel, ubiquitous manager of a Éclat Beijing, a member of a Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) network. The Éclat offers a 500-square-metre Cocoon, that is set in an Amazonian-type garden on a 21st floor, unaware a Chaoyang executive business district. 

“We have a world-class collection of venues usually an hour from Singapore, though are a universe apart”, says Jared Green, sales executive of The Sanchaya, a 10-hectare beachfront estate and also an SLH member. Located on a Indonesian island of Bintan, and connected by packet to Singapore, a property’s categorical Dahlia duty area can accommodate adult to 75 people and opens adult to a patio suitable for cocktails and outside events unaware a 50m-long forever pool and a sea beyond. 

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“Boutique hotels secrete an particular attract and temperament of their own, where spaces pronounce to ‘guests’ and are designed to elicit memories and experiences,” says Adeline Quek, code executive of Bali’s L Hotel Seminyak. A tiny hotel with usually 30 suites, L Hotel offers a rooftop plcae unaware Seminyak and a beach that “gives a singular advantage to those who wish an disdainful and heterogeneous feel to their event”, she says. 

Many tiny boutique hotels essentially work in a entirely eccentric traveller marketplace and mostly have tiny to no dedicated MICE facilities. 

“We can accommodate usually tiny groups with a limit of 30 people if we use a grill as a assembly room,” says Giovanni Tebano, ubiquitous manager of Satri House in Luang Prabang, a 31-bedroom Secret Retreats network skill in Laos. Its usually other space is a tiny garden that can chair 60 as a dining venue. 

Such tiny venues mostly cite clients to sinecure a whole hotel to equivocate unfortunate other guests. 

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“If a organisation does not book out a whole hotel, afterwards it’s tricky, as we need to change hotel guests’ compensation and need for remoteness as well, so we can’t have loud events or thesis parties unless a organisation blocks all hotel bedrooms as well,” Thiyagarajan says. He also says that as a hotel is in a still residential area, parties have to finish by 10.30pm. 

Larger boutique hotels mostly offer some-more flexibility. The Éclat’s 20 vast suites are all flashy with a theme, from Harry Potter to Star Wars, and all have their possess balcony. 

“These suites are being used by companies doing conform shows, photoshoots, and video filming. They offer an whole setup of a stage that ideally fits a needs of clients as they don’t have to adorn a venue” explains Lützel. The family who possess a hotel also possess a Parkview Green selling mall in that it is housed, that means a hotel has a total coherence of holding events within a mall. 

The hotel’s plcae also defines a customers and ubiquitous MICE competition. 

“Corporate guest are time-sensitive and a palliate of entrance total with higher use and a definitely good confirmed comforts of The Sanchaya have proven a really successful combination,” Green says.  With few other MICE comforts on Bintan, a hotel especially tries to captivate small, disdainful CEO- and handling director-level events divided from Singapore.

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Luang Prabang’s MICE attention is usually usually commencement as a supervision tries to foster tourism, so much of a trade perceived is organized by a supervision itself. Most properties in a city are small. “There are really few hotels in Luang Prabang with a ability of some-more than 60 bedrooms and with a correct assembly room facility,” Tebano says.  

Convention comforts in Ho Chi Minh City are limited, with usually dual centres, and  a MICE stage is not developed. Villa Song offers bespoke MICE events with clients including Nike and Air New Zealand. 

“A lot of a corporate guest are already informed with all a hotels in downtown Saigon,” Thiyagarajan says. “They have been entrance to Vietnam for a prolonged time now and are looking for something different.”

In Bali there are hotels with comforts for adult to 2,500 delegates, however. 

“While a island is famous for convenience business, MICE business is flourishing and shows intensity from tellurian and domestic companies wanting to devise inducement trips for their staff,” Quek says. With a hotel targeting hipsters and creatives as guests, it looks to companies that wish something reduction mainstream. 

Beijing has an even some-more grown scene, and that means Éclat needs a niche. 

“Our clients come from conform and retail,” Lützel says. “They’re oppulance labels that wish their products to be unprotected in a really singular environment.”

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