Bloo Lagoon – A Quiet Hideaway in Bali

Padangbai is a small, accessible Balinese strand encampment and a good tiny getaway about an hour and a half from a airport. Tony and Marita, a idealist owners of Bloo Lagoon, have designed and built a pleasing tiny villa resort, that is some-more like an eco-tourism village.  

It is located high on a mountain above a municipality of Padangbai, and as a review wraps around flower gardens and fruiting trees, tiny pathways lead we to particular private villas catering for singles, couples or family groups.

Bloo Lagoon is an eco-resort, that embraces tolerable architecture, self-sustaining H2O systems, organic gardening and room-by-room recycling systems.  Even a pool is bio-friendly and uses an ionising filtration system, that means we float in pure, uninformed filtered H2O with minimal chemical use.  You can float in a pool though a fear of your swimmers corroding, or if we are blonde (via a bottle), your hair won’t go immature (a jeopardy of swimming in chlorine pools). The caring shown by a owners to make all eco-effective and tolerable is remarkable.  

A brief travel from a review brings we to a pleasing white sandy beach with a infrequent warung eatery (with cold Bintang) and fanciful views. Try to get adult early and watch a morning – it’s value it. The H2O is transparent clear and remember to take some flippers and a snorkel with we from a resort. The snorkelling is outstanding. You can also take a internal vessel to some of a remote islands and snorkel around a shoal reefs.



Take a internal vessel to some of a remote islands and snorkel around a shoal reefs | Photo Courtesy of Blue Lagoon


Padangbai itself is a bustling tiny place, as this is a jump-off indicate to a Gili Islands, Lombok and other islands. It’s a genuine heart of activity down during a harbour, where villagers go about their business amidst fishing boats entrance in and out and blurb vessels transporting throngs of tourists out to their Gili bliss mecca in a center of a ocean. You can find a preference of cafes, many lovable tiny bars and a far-reaching accumulation of restaurants in a village.  

Because we are located during a tip of a hill, it’s a pleasing downhill wander into town, though we might good need a review convey to get we behind adult a hill. At a finish of a day, it’s a acquire service and a continue can make it too prohibited to travel back.  Just take a phone series of a driver, and he will collect we adult when we are ready. It’s a giveaway shuttle, on demand. Fabulous.

What unequivocally stole my heart during Bloo Lagoon was a overwhelming sea views. Each villa not usually has opposite décor though also looks out over a opposite angle of a ocean. My villa had a huge, open character pleasant lounge, ideal for entertaining.  

As we were there to applaud a birthday, this was ideal for a group. The rooftop nightfall bar was a good place to accumulate during happy hour, sip a cocktail and watch a sunset. Vivid late afternoon colours danced opposite a large expanded sky, eventually transforming into a shining star-studded night. Set opposite a overwhelming sea backdrop, this also creates for fantastic photos


Join a early morning yoga category | Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Fancy yoga? If we wish to get a conduct start on a day, because not join a early morning yoga class? The yoga event we took partial in was led by a poetic internal Balinese man, who took me on a peaceful tour of yoga poses and guided breathing. He took good caring to explain a opposite asanas and a truth behind a movements and yoga flow.   

Whatever we do, remember to make time for a sauna treatment. The bedrooms demeanour out over a thick jungle to a far-reaching blue ocean. we even had a gorilla happily overhanging in a tree subsequent to my sauna room, momentarily bending to blemish his butt. we unequivocally enjoyed a tiny uncover he put on for me. Luckily, we chose a pedicure treatment, that authorised me a ringside chair to take in a antics of this monkey, who was after assimilated by his family. It was an comprehensive delight.

When we are prepared to try out, make certain we revisit a 11th-century temple, Pura Silayukti that is located during a northern finish of a town. There is also a smashing preference of informative options and tours that Bloo Lagoon has hand-picked to welcome tolerable tourism including a revisit to a circuitously normal Bali Aga encampment and other attractions, that are all simply organised during a front desk.  

Accommodation:  Bloo Lagoon Villa Resort, Padangbai

One-, two- and three-bedroom villas

How to Get There:  1.5 hours from Denpasar International Airport to Padangbai, Bali

  • 2012 Winner Gold Medal -Tri Hita Karana Tourism Award
  • Sustainable Environmental Principle Award




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