Birmingham firefighter rescues lady after she falls 120ft into active Bali volcano

A Birmingham firefighter has been hailed a favourite after rescuing a lady from a volcano while on holiday in Bali.

John Conway risked his possess life to stand into a void and go to a assist of a associate holidaymaker who had depressed 40 metres and was badly injured.

And in an startling turn of fate, a lady he discovered lives in a West Midlands.

John, aged 33, who is shaped during Highgate station, was on a solo backpacking debate around Bali for his birthday when he raced to a rescue.

John Conway in Bali, a firefighter from Highgate

Speaking from Bali, he told Birmingham Live how a play unfolded as he was among a organisation climbing to a tip of Mount Batur, to see a object arise on Saturday.

“We’d got to a tip and I’d usually sat down when we listened screaming entrance from inside a volcano,” he said.

“I went to have a demeanour and saw a lady had depressed in and was about 40 metres down a void that was about 150 metres deep.”

Mount Batur in Bali Credit: Sean Hamlin /flickr

John, from Erdington , pronounced he shouted out to a rest of a organisation and realised he was a usually one who had any medical training and asked a beam to uncover him a safest track down.

“It took me about 20 mins to get down to her and she was fibbing on her behind with some flattering critical injuries,” he said.

“She was draining and had a serious mishap to her head, an open leg fracture, an ankle injury, she’d damaged 3 ribs, had fractured her spine and damaged her nose.

Bali. Credit: William Gilbert Parker/flickr

“All we had with me was soppy wipes so we used those to stop a bleeding, though we indispensable a bracket of some kind so we motionless to make one out of pieces of wood.”

John pronounced by afterwards an English-speaking helper had assimilated him in a void and between them they spent around 40 mins removing a harmed lady prepared to be moved.

She was also in risk of hypothermia as a temperatures were freezing, so everybody gave coats and jumpers to keep her warm.

“When she was fast adequate to be moved, we shaped a tellurian sequence to take her out of a crator and afterwards down a volcano, that took between 5 and 6 hours,” he said.

John and a helper trafficked with a lady in a ambulance to Bali International Hospital where she remains, though is anticipating to be flown behind to a West Midlands by medical craft soon.

“We didn’t know any other before a trip, though it turns out she lives really tighten to Birmingham,” he said.

John’s colleagues during Red Watch Highgate Fire Station proudly tweeted sum of his heroism.

They posted on Twitter : “Today we have oral to a really possess FF John Conway who has carried out a thespian rescue of a lady who had depressed 40m into a volcano,seriously harmed while on holiday in Bali.We are really unapproachable of his actions and looking brazen to his lapse in 48hrs. #24hr #hero #alwaysonduty”

But John doubtful any idea that he was a hero.

“To be honest, it’s still falling in and is all a bit surreal,” he said.

“It’s not a kind of thing we design to do on holiday, though we theory my firefighter training kicked in.

“It’s a spectacle she survived since she had incited blue and had some nasty injuries.”

Mount Agung, a volcano tighten to Mount Batur, that erupted in January

Mount Batur is an active volcano that final erupted in 2000.

Yet another of Bali’s volcanos, Mount Agung, has erupted twice in 3 months.

Photos showed a 1.5km charcoal mainstay rising above a volcano after a final tear during a commencement of February.

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