Best value abroad holiday destinations for Australians in 2017

Japan is a best value general end for Australians, while flights to some tip European destinations are during an all-time low, according to a new analysis.

Voted a many renouned end by Traveller readers this year, flights to a renouned northern Asian end have decreased in cost by 10 per cent, and a Aussie dollar has strengthened 13 per cent opposite a yen, according to a Expedia Currency Monitor report.

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In south-east Asia, Malaysia is a best value destination, with a Aussie dollar appreciating 11 per cent opposite a Malaysian ringgit, and flights and hotels dwindling in cost by 10 per cent.

However, over on a Indonesian island of Bali, Australia’s favourite quickie holiday destination, prices are on a rise, though it hasn’t stopped us travelling there in droves. Demand for Bali has risen some-more than 550 per cent given 2011 and roughly 20 per cent given 2015.

While it will usually cost us $600 to get there, this is an boost in moody cost by roughly 20 per cent. The cost of hotels has also increasing by 5 per cent, creation Indonesia not a discount it used to be.

iBali rice terraces/i

Rice terraces in Bali, a end that stays increasingly renouned with Australians. Photo: Adobe Stock

The some-more outlandish and far-flung end of Sri Lanka is still a discount and a viable alternative, where there are also good beaches, tasty cuisine and a far-reaching operation of accommodation options. Here a Aussie dollar has risen 9 per cent in value, and you’ll find lapse flights have forsaken 5 per cent, costing a normal Australian traveller $1030 return.

Managing executive of Expedia Australia, Michael Pearson, said: “We know Aussies adore Bali though Aussies should cruise broadening their horizons and demeanour during other destinations in Asia.

“For a fly and wave holiday, engagement a package is a approach to go – Aussies can save hundreds of dollars by engagement their moody and hotel together.”

iSunken Garden during Hampton Court Palace nearby London/i

Britain maintains a interest with sites such as a Sunken Garden during Hampton Court Palace, nearby London. Photo: Shutterstock

Over in Europe, Britain is an appealing awaiting to Australians after a dollar gained 5 per cent opposite a pound. However, brave Aussies will be happy to hear it’s Iceland that tops a best value list for Europe. But this doesn’t meant it’s removing cheaper – accommodation is 15 per cent some-more costly than final year, though it’s 15 per cent cheaper to fly there. And it competence be correct to bear in mind a Aussie dollar has forsaken in value 15 per cent opposite their krona.

iReykjavik, Iceland/i

Iceland tops a best value list for Europe, with collateral Reykjavik a pivotal stop for tourists. Photo: Shutterstock

The European nation that represents a slightest volume of value for Australian travellers is Greece, with flights and accommodation rising 10 per cent.

Pearson advises travellers to Europe to cruise that airports they fly into carefully. “Often we can seize a improved understanding by drifting into choice hubs,” he said.

“For example, Rome contra London.

“And if we see a good understanding – book it! Early bird fares will be out shortly and with some-more low-cost carriers drifting to Europe, a increasing foe is expected to be good news for travellers.”

iThe island of Zante in Greece./i

The island of Zante in Greece a nation has seen a cost of flights and accommodation boost 10 per cent. Photo: Shutterstock

In North America, a US is marginally improved value to transport than Canada, with prices rising in a latter 10 per cent and usually 5 in a former. In South America, Argentina is your best bet, with a dollar rising 15 per cent opposite a peso, followed by Colombia and Brazil, where hotel prices have forsaken a whopping 25 per cent.

The Expedia Currency Monitor measures a opening of a Australian dollar opposite vital tellurian currencies from a prior year, a normal cost of general flights and accommodation in pivotal destinations for Aussie travellers.


Expedia Australia’s Pearson said: “The biggest news from analysing a information is that a Australian dollar is behaving good and moody prices have forsaken for a infancy of Aussie travellers’ favourite destinations – Aussies have a universe in their hands.

“Overall, Aussies are benefiting from a connection of circumstances, including low-cost carriers drifting some-more routes, rival pricing among carriers and a clever Australian dollar, all providing a improved understanding for Aussies.”

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