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If Spice Traders’ plcae is anything to go by, a knowledge is firm to be zero reduction than stellar. Tucked divided in a watchful corner, during a distant finish of W Goa, Spice Traders is a hotel’s southeast Asian restaurant. The grill is housed in a pleasing structure, clearly desirous by a pagodas and temples of Bali or Thailand. Spacious and bathed in healthy light, with prejudiced views of a sea, a taste and plcae is adequate to peace we into a blithe state of mind, and satisfy a clarity of indulgence.

Over Sunday brunch and curated cocktails, we locate adult with a skipper of this restaurant, a energetic cook Tanveer Kwatra. He comes with Australian work knowledge underneath his belt. With a self-confessed soothing mark for Asian food, Kwatra honed his skills in Australia where multi-cultural cuisine is a norm, and even helmed Delhi’s famous Asian Hawkers’ Market for a while.

The transparent cook sports a casual-chic feeling evil of all a employees of this ‘fashion forward’ hotel. “Southeast Asian cuisine is like a hip bound of food,” Kwatra says, “It’s fun, it’s energetic and it’s roughly rebellious. There are so many bomb flavours and a piquancy turn is mostly so high, creation it utterly unforgettable.” While a suspicion of Spice Traders was already recognised by a hotel, Chef Kwatra and his group have been obliged for the food styling and conceptualising a menu. What, then, is a USP of a grill that has already got so many of Goa’s locals and visiting gastronomes flocking to a tables? 

“We wanted to go over curries and stir fries. Asian food has occasionally left over this stereotype. One of a categorical focuses here are a salads and tender bars.” A box in indicate is a considerable welfare of epicurean salads trimming from a classical Thai pomelo salad, a crispy steep salad and another one with black corn. Another must-try, Kwatra says, is a prawn and potion noodle salad with a zesty orange dressing. 

“Another thing that we have introduced on a menu is a tender bar. This is something that is intensely smart and people suffer it too,” he adds. “There is a Chilean sea drum carpaccio, a crudo hamachi and a cooking cold cucumber salad. we have beheld an augmenting welfare for carpaccio, both vegetarian and otherwise.” There is an engaging welfare of ‘raw pizzas’ on a menu as well. You can select between a truffle tuna with crispy cabbage or a vegetarian choice with yellow and red pepper. 

Kwatra is perceptive to indicate out that his group has been instrumental in a success of this restaurant. For example, Executive Sous Chef Dawa Lama has “worked tirelessly to emanate a smashing welfare of low sum and sushi, among other things”. One demeanour during a low sum menu is adequate to ride we to a swarming markets of Hong Kong or Shanghai. “There is a transparent concentration on ingredients. we wish to showcase mixture as many as possible. Why not let a mixture do a talking? That said, during Spice Traders, we have not been bashful to experiment. The taste is rather bold.” 

Take a prawns in XO sauce, plentiful with a essence of onions or a chilli fish doused in a Hong Kong olive relish. While a grill is positively a breakwater for a beef or seafood lover, vegetarians are spoilt for choice, too. “Our business come from different backgrounds and we have a outrageous cube of vegetarian patrons, entrance from all over India. We have done certain that a menu is divided roughly 50-50 and infused it with a lot of informed flavours and textures. For example, one of a hot-sellers is a goat cheese wanton. Discerning vegetarian diners who have appreciated goat cheese during their general travels are gay to see it reinvented into this Asian comfort food. 

“The crispy spinach with H2O reddish-brown is another favourite,” says a chef. The categorical march too facilities many vegetarian options, a standout being a Monk’s character prohibited pot served with assorted vegetables, tofu and potion noodles. Then there is a favourite—stir-fried asparagus and H2O chestnut, accompanied by cashew bulb and dusty Chinese olive rice. 

Half approach through, it becomes transparent only how well-researched this menu is. There is a personal tie though. “I trafficked to Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and even Tokyo to do my investigate and get improved proficient with a travel food enlightenment in these culinary hubs,” says Kwatra.

Another engaging thing to note is that as upscale as Spice Traders is, located in one of Goa’s plushest hotels, a pricing has been cleverly suspicion of. The pricing corresponds some-more or reduction to many of a decent Goan restaurants in a neighbourhood. “I don’t wish Spice Traders to be a pretentious, overpriced eatery. we wish perceptive internal diners to come here too. we wish it to be a distinguished underline of a Goan grill stage and we’ve labelled it to make it appealing adequate for people to wish to come and sup here,” Kwatra concludes.

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