Bermudian Student Preparing For Bali Placement

Second year Bermudian psychology tyro Tene Dowling, who is study in a United Kingdom, is removing set to take partial in a mental health chain in Bali, Indonesia in August.

Ms Dowling said, “I am really ardent about a village and youth. My categorical design is to obtain my BSc in Psychology, since it is a pathway for my destiny skeleton in study for an MSc in Psychology of Child and Adolescent Development or Doctorates in Counselling Psychology.

“As a immature child we was diagnosed with ADHD. we struggled tremendously mentally and emotionally, never entirely bargain why. It was never easy for me as we always felt like we was in difficulty and alone. This continued around my life though it was 6 years ago that we accepted since and my life changed.

“In 2012, we became an preparation manager and worked with immature people to assistance them understanding with their life struggles, strech receptive goals and to support their personal and amicable development. The hearts that we overwhelmed was an memorable feeling and a hearts that overwhelmed cave finally done it transparent what my purpose in life is. we wish to make a difference. we wish to make a disproportion in a communities, families and generally with a youth, that we so simply associated to when we was their age.

“To make a prolonged story short, my tour so distant has not been an easy one though it has been value it. we motionless to container adult from my little island home with my 6-year-old and conduct out into a universe to try psychology. we wanted to know a details and outs, a good and bad, what is it to be normal or abnormal; we wanted to figure out usually how people indeed process, demonstrate and cope with what goes on inside of their heads.

“From this we knew it was going to be a prolonged journey, though it was a usually approach to entirely know myself and others in sequence to strech my goals.”


“Furthermore since of my struggles with my mental health over a years, we have a clever enterprise to give behind to a village and assisting others like myself is critical since we am ardent and dynamic to make an disproportion in Bermuda’s community. My categorical aim is to de-stigmatise mental disabilities/disorders and assistance others to learn how to cope with, accept, and welcome who they are.

“The past 4 years have been zero brief of extraordinary and now we have been specifically selected by SLV.Global to take partial in their four-week mental health chain in Bali, Indonesia this August. SLV is an free organization that provides psychology students and graduates a event to benefit profitable psychology work knowledge in Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia.

“Their concentration is on tellurian mental health and on compelling certain mental health while bolstering a existent resources in a communities where they work. Their aim is to yield learned volunteers a possibility to attend in a well-rounded, culturally immersive experience, that involves operative during psychiatric facilities, amicable initiatives for adults and children with disabilities and training English.

“During my placement, we am looking brazen to training some-more about myself privately and professionally. This event also will concede me to do many things that we am so ardent about; study psychology in mixed cultures and volunteering for a girl and community. In further we am vehement to see how psychology will play an critical purpose in a growth of a community, and a extraordinary grant a certain mental health opinion can produce.

“Unfortunately as a full time tyro and mom, we am incompetent to account my chain alone. Therefore in stability to build myself up, we am branch my struggles into strengths and doing something that we am not used to doing – seeking for help. Not any kind of help, though your assistance in assisting me to strech my goals, in sequence to be a disproportion to make a difference.

“The support would meant so most to me, generally going from my possess village to concede me to give behind to a nation we adore so much.

“On my lapse home, we am fervent to foster recognition of mental health, squad culture, piece abuse and domestic assault among a family home and within a community. we will offer my services however and wherever we can, and also dedicate to as most village overdo as possible.”

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