Behold a Layover in a World’s Best Airport… Complete With Pool, Movie Theater, and Butterfly Garden

Hi! It’s Ben Schlappig here, a blogger behind One Mile during a Time, and a man who introduced we to my uber-luxury transport lifestyle — all done probable by miles and points. Yesterday we took we on an outrageously fun Hello Kitty flight from Taipei to Singapore. After hours in a atmosphere surrounded by Hello Kitty video games, toilet paper, and even barf bags, it was time for a final moody leg to get to a initial destination: Bali.

We started with a three-hour layover during Singapore Changi Airport. Most people dismay layovers, given that many airports (especially in a U.S.) are upsetting places to pass any time.

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Singapore Changi Airport is different, and has been consistently ranked as a world’s best airport.It unequivocally feels some-more like tiny lush city all wrapped into one formidable that usually happens to have airplanes vacating from it.

First, a airfield has unconstrained shopping. From each high-end engineer to vital wiring stores, we can find it all. Personally, I’m not unequivocally into selling — if there’s one thing that vital out of a carry-on has taught me, it’s that element security don’t make we happy. It’s all a other amenities during Changi Airport that we love, even for those though loll access.

Did your final layover have a pool?

There’s giveaway Wi-Fi for everyone, gentle places to lay and relax, a gym and pool, a giveaway film theater, and a moth garden (naturally).

Changi’s moth garden

There’s even an airside movement hotel, that means if we have a prolonged layover we can lease a hotel room though even carrying to leave immigration. It’s something we adore doing for a prolonged layover, given there’s zero like sleeping in a “real” bed for a bit, even if you’re drifting in initial or business class.

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Picking a right layover airfield can make such a large disproportion in terms of a altogether knowledge of a trip. One of a cold things about saving miles for airline tickets is that we can mostly have a giveaway stopover in a city for usually underneath 24 hours.

Singapore is a city where we do that all a time. While it’s privately not a place I’d make my primary destination, it’s a good place to spend a discerning overnight layover. The city is purify and safe, and a airfield is tighten to a heart of a city. Beyond that, Singapore is a unequivocally receptive city. Almost everybody speaks English, a food is glorious (without being too “adventurous”), and there are lots of sites we can revisit in a brief duration of time, given how centralized a city is.

We usually had a few hours before stability on KLM to Bali. KLM is a Dutch airline, so it competence seem a bit surprising that we were drifting a Dutch airline between Singapore and Indonesia. Well, that’s since we were on what’s famous as a “fifth leisure flight,” an airline that operates a track between dual countries where they’re not based. Our sold moody started in Amsterdam and arrived in Singapore, where it would afterwards fly to Bali and behind to Singapore before stability on to Amsterdam. Still with me?

There are lots of flights like these, even in a U.S., and they are shining for many reasons. For starters, they’re mostly labelled reduce than a competition, given that airlines can’t unequivocally contest in terms of a array of flights they offer in a marketplace where they’re not based. Plus, they offer an exotic, and mostly better, all around experience. For example, Singapore Airlines is famous for a implausible service, so being means to fly them between a U.S. and Europe is a special treat.

In this case, we paid for business category tickets on KLM that were indeed cheaper than economy tickets on Singapore Airlines. We could have redeemed miles for a flight, though during this price, it done no clarity to do so. (If you’re saving miles correctly, infrequently profitable money is a most improved value than regulating miles.)

On my way…

The moody time was usually dual hours and 30 minutes, nonetheless it still enclosed a full meal, prosaic beds, and glorious service. But my favorite partial of drifting KLM business category competence be a lovable tiny Dutch ceramic houses they give out before landing.

Collect them all!

These houses, that have solitaire inside of them, all resemble genuine houses in Amsterdam, and there are scarcely 100 opposite ones to collect. (Unfortunately, we don’t fly KLM adequate to have collected a estimable array of these, though given that they don’t transport generally well, I’m not certain my collection would be all that useful.)

Now that we’ve arrived in Bali, we’ll have a integrate of five-star properties to check out in a subsequent installment!


In box we missed my Hello Kitty-themed tour to get this far, review about my tricked-out moody here.

And a extravagantly theme-y airfield knowledge in Taipei to match!

And here’s where it all began during LAX.

What a heck is a “Fifth Freedom Route?!”

Ben Schlappig, a blogger behind One Mile during a Time, practice about $1 million value of transport each year regulating miles and points — and covers about 400,000 miles annually this way. Ben has teamed adult with Bravo’s Jet Set for a array called The Upgrade, in that he shows we how we — yes, you! — can measure real-world-ready strategies for upping your transport game. Come along for a adventure!

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