Behind jail walls


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Behind jail walls

For a initial time ever a film organisation was postulated full entrance to Kerobokan jail, that sits in a centre of Bali’s traveller mecca. Foreign Correspondent meets 5 prisoners who call a space inside these walls home.

Man inside Kerobokan jail grips onto a bars and looks into a camera.

ABC News

A masculine with a front tattoo that says Panbawa looks into a camera, taken inside Kerobokan prison.

A masculine with a front tattoo in Kerobokan prison. (ABC News)

Men, many with tattoos on their arms, legs and backs, distortion on a belligerent inside a Kerobokan prison.

Men, many with tattoos on their arms, legs and backs, distortion on a belligerent inside a Kerobokan prison. (ABC News)

Kerobokan is built to reason only over 320 masculine prisoners, though during any given time there are during slightest 4 times that number.

Almost 1,300 group fist into cells in 12 apart blocks that were built in 1979.

To many Australians, Bali’s Kerobokan jail is a place of creepy mindfulness in an island playground.

Foreign Correspondent captures what life is unequivocally like for 5 prisoners.

Matthew Norman

At 18, Matthew Norman from Sydney’s Quakers Hill was a youngest member of a Bali Nine.

He was betrothed $15,000 to act as a drug jackass and dictated to use a income to buy a car.

Now during 30, he has been in Kerobokan jail for only over 12 years. He has been given a life sentence, that in Indonesia indeed means life.

Matthew NormanVideo: Matthew Norman

(ABC News)

Today, a law is life. Laws around a universe are perpetually changing. We don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Matthew is deliberate a indication invalid by a jail administrator who is now seeking indulgence from President Joko Widodo to have his judgment reduced from life to 20 years.

David Fox

British publisher David Fox is a former match with Reuters. He was condemned to 7 months in jail for possessing only over 9 grams of hashish.

Fox says a prison’s repute is distant worse than a reality. He is one of a 6 per cent of prisoners in Kerobokan who are foreigners.

David FoxVideo: David Fox

(ABC News)

If we come in here with a disastrous mindset we consider there’s a lot of dim holes we could tumble into.

Fox was expelled during filming. He says he treated his time in jail as a journalistic assignment and skeleton to write a book covering his time inside and his work as a fight correspondent.

Heru Saputra

Heru was lifted in Bali and is portion an 18-month judgment after being held regulating methamphetamine. He is a personality of his dungeon retard that is grossly packed with twice as many inmates as it was built to hold.

Heru SaputraVideo: Heru Saputra

(ABC News)

We only have to accept what we have here. This place is overloaded though we have to only live with it. There is no other place. Where else can we go

More than 90 per cent of prisoners in Kerobokan are Indonesian and some-more than 78 per cent have been convicted on drug charges. Many like Heru have been inside some-more than once.

Si Yi Chen

Si Yi Chen is Australian and another member of a Bali Nine.

The 32-year-old is portion a life judgment for drug trafficking. Immigrating from China with his family when he was 12, he had a stretched attribute with his father via his drill years, that he says is one of a reasons he rebelled.

Si Yi ChenVideo: Si Yi Chen

(ABC News)

I still consider we competence get out and maybe we still have a possibility to have a reduction. As time goes by it gets harder since you’re starting to remove hope. You’re starting to think: what’s a point?

As a child, Si Yi Chen dreamed of being a pilot. He says he had hoped to use a $15,000 he was betrothed as a drug jackass to go to aviation school.

The jail administrator is seeking indulgence to have Chen’s judgment reduced to 20 years.

Bagus Gede Swimbawa

Swimbawa is portion 7 years for fraud. The 43-year-old is Kerobokan prison’s arch chef. Once a prepare on a journey boat formed in Miami, he prides himself on improving a peculiarity of a jail food.

Bagus Gede SwimbawaVideo: Bagus Gede Swimbawa

(ABC News)

When we came here a food is not unequivocally good and afterwards we come here and we try and change it and now it’s removing better.

The jail is allocated only 15,000 rupiah per day ($1.60) for any prisoner. For that, Swimbawa and a tiny group of prisoners can prepare 600 kilograms of rice, and really simple extras.

Watch a full story Life Inside Kerobokan during 9.30pm on ABCTV, Iview YouTube.







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