Beatnik, West Town’s Lush, New Restaurant/Cocktail Lounge, Opens Wednesday

Beatnik, a earnest new grill and cocktail lounge from a owners of Fulton Market Kitchen, Black Bull, and Celeste, should open on Wednesday during 1604 W. Chicago Ave. Early Friday morning, crews were requesting finishing touches on a space, including during a enclosed yard that will stay open even during winters. The food will underline flavors from opposite a creation including Eastern Mediterranean, Asian, and Latin American influences, according to a news release.

Executive cook Marcos Campos isn’t disturbed about authenticity, he told a Tribune. Instead, he wants to give diners tiny plates or entrees that paint a confidant accumulation of tastes. He’s also fusing techniques — he mentioned melding Korean grill with a Lebanese dish.

A few of Beatnik’s dishes including a roasted lamb leg served with homemade roti, as good as squish and broccoli items.
Kailley Lindman

Cocktails come pleasantness of barkeeper extraordinaire Liz Pearce, who also co-owns The Drifter, a speakeasy underneath a Green Door Tavern in River North. As libation director, Pearce will form a challenging group with bar manager Jacyara de Oliveira, a former bar manager during Sportsman’s Club in Ukrainian Village. Sustainability is an rising practice in a cocktail industry, as bars figure out they should provide a sourroundings better. Last weekend, Trash Tiki, a nation-wide bar pop-up that focuses on regulating would-be grill rubbish in drinks, stopped during Lost Lake and Sportsman’s Club. Beatnik will also occupy low-waste best practices, display a trend has done it to Chicago.

Beatnik’s “Equatorial Gatherings (red),” “Melange of Modern Culture (green),” and “Summers in Sweden (yellow).”
Kailley Lindman

Bonhomme Hospitality Group gutted a former wardrobe store they took over, usually gripping 4 walls. It’s a colorful and pleasing space with room for 200. Bonhomme’s group picked out pieces from Bali, Egypt, Argentina, Italy, and Spain to adorn a space. There are outrageous chandeliers that don’t unequivocally roar kick poetry, though it creates a room demeanour beautiful. Check out some-more on this poetic further to West Town after Labor Day weekend.

Beatnik’s backroom.
Kailley Lindman

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