BC lady stranded in Bali now behind home in Kelowna

A Kelowna woman who was trapped in Bali because of an erupting volcano has returned home to a Okanagan.

Gina Petrovich arrived in Bali on Nov. 21, a same day Mount Agung began spewing volcanic ash. The island was put on a top warning and a airfield was sealed for 3 days, withdrawal scarcely 100,000 travellers stranded.

“I did roughly all we wanted … solely we’ll only supplement an active volcano onto a list,” Petrovich said of her vacation.

Flights resumed on Thursday, though Petrovich was not certain if she would be means to book a moody home due to a reserve of travellers.

“The airfield was positively crazy … it was chaos,” she said.

“There were people left, right, up, down. There were people crying, people on a phones, people yelling. It was a really stressful situation.”

Canadians warned to equivocate evident area

In a end, Petrovich boarded a Cathay Pacific moody to Hong Kong before joining to Vancouver and afterwards Kelowna.

As of Monday morning, a airfield in Bali was still open though many flights continue to be cancelled. 

Authorities sojourn endangered that a major tear could be imminent.

Mount Agung volcano

On Nov. 21, a Mount Agung volcano began erupting, spewing charcoal and smoke. (Gina Petrovich)

Petrovich said the distress has not altered her opinion toward travel.

“If we transport enough, you’re eventually going to to finish adult on an island with a volcano that’s prepared to explode,” she said.

“There’s zero we can do. You only need to be prepared.”

The Government of Canada transport website now warns Canadians to equivocate all travel within 10 kilometres of Mount Agung.

With files from CBC’s Daybreak South.

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