‘Barefoot’ oppulance transport tradeshow debuts in Bali in November

Serge Dive: “The other tradeshows are in a dating business; we are in a falling-in-love business.”

A new oppulance transport tradeshow, Further East, to be hold in Bali in November, asks buyers and sellers to “shake off your boots and your tradeshow perceptions”.

If it wasn’t for Serge Dive who is rising it, that thought of a ‘barefoot’ uncover competence be discharged as only a gimmick. Dive combined ILTM Cannes, sole it to Reed Exhibitions, and after went on to launch his possess shows Pure Life Experiences, LE Miami, We Are Africa, and now, Further East.

Buyers interviewed uncover he seems to have built a cult following for being ‘un’ all a normal tradeshow is.

“We participated in a initial Pure Life Experiences in Marrakech in 2009 and have attended each one since,” pronounced Hamish Keith, organisation handling executive of Bangkok-based Exo Travel. “Serge’s prophesy of a ‘un-conference’ and a opposite kind of tradeshow focused on experiential transport coincides with Exo’s prophesy of fusing active and experiential transport in outlandish and rising Asian destinations. we unequivocally like and honour that Pure stays focused on a beliefs and has not grown into a large mainstream tradeshow, and we trust Serge and his group to broach another good eventuality with Further East.”

Dive: “The other tradeshows are in a dating business; we are in a falling-in-love business.” Watch a video by Beyond Luxury Media, organisers of Further East here

The new eventuality will be hold from Nov 12 to 15 in Seminyak, Bali’s hip and function upscale review destination, during Alila Seminyak, Potato Head Beach Club, Katamama Hotel and W Bali-Seminyak subsequent door.

So will a tradeshow be hold on silt with barefoot buyers in independent wear strolling to their subsequent appointment?

Dive, CEO of London-based Beyond Luxury Media, in a phone interview, pronounced it won’t be on silt on a beach, though it would be a closest buyers and sellers could get to a barefoot oppulance show. Appointments would be hold in an indoor space during Alila, though bin a design of a normal outlet in a gathering hall, he said.

“I can’t tell we how a space would be dressed up, though all we do is custom-made, and people will get a clarity of a sea. When they go out to a networking area on a grass confronting a beach, we would inspire them to go barefoot,” pronounced Dive.

The discussion component, Awaken, will be hold outdoor during Potato Head Beach Club. “Forget awful coffee, cold air-conditioned room, tedious speakers, genocide by Powerpoint. It’ll be a brew of keynote, quick presentations, workshops, discussions. We wish to emanate some-more conversations with a audience,” he said.

Dive has a goal for each uncover he creates. We Are Africa, for instance, aims to rebrand Africa transport as modern, certain and contemporary. Further East aspires to be a defender of Asian values, he said.

“We realize that Asia is apropos a place some-more people wish to go, since Asia has all that a Western universe has mislaid – spirituality, not indispensably in a eremite sense, balance, amicable responsibility, egoism and honour for others, good honour for birthright while putting itself into a future.

“At a same time, Asian brands and products are during an engaging crossroads where they could be tempted to welcome most of values of a Western world,” pronounced Dive.

Further East can be a defender by bringing onward a aberration of Asia by carrying a right expel of sellers – high-end, boutique, iconic, above all, singly Asian, he said. Once a casting is right, a perceptive buyers would follow, he added.

“The problem with tradeshows is they brew Asian brands with European, African, etc, that there is no clarity of context. Look during a story of trade fairs – they used to have everything. we was one of a initial to apart oppulance transport from normal transport (ILTM). Then we realised that within oppulance travel, there’s an experiential marketplace so we combined PURE, and we realised that Africa indispensable to be treated differently from Asia so we combined We Are Africa. Further East is a same. The values of Asia, a DNA, need to be displayed and elevated, not diluted,” Dive said.

That’s also a reason since he picked Bali. “Obviously we could go to one of a amazing, fit destinations of Asia though we’ve been spooky from a start by a thought of a barefoot transport tradeshow and wish to make certain this will be on a beach. Bali has a good clarity of impression and demeanour how zen and pacific Alila is while Potato Head Beach Club shows a millennial, hipster feel of Asia nonetheless is so anchored on normal Asia. (Ronald) Akili (founder of Potato Head Beach Club) is totally spooky with safeguarding a environment, enlightenment and Asian values,” pronounced Dive.

Some 145 exhibitors of a targeted 200 have sealed up. They would be matched with 210 buyers in 42 pre-scheduled appointments. The uncover targets 35 per cent of buyers to be from Asia, 27 per cent Europe, 18 per cent North America, 10 per cent Oceania, 7 per cent Latin America and 3 per cent Africa/Middle East. It is primarily a convenience uncover (93 per cent) with a rest comprising corporate and MICE business.

It stays to be seen either Further East isn’t built on sand. Dive’s supporters like David Song, owner handling executive of Beyond X Boundaries Singapore who attends Pure and We Are Africa, thinks it’s going to be solid, observant Dive and group have “raised a bar in events management”.

“They do it with character and flair, with a really loose atmosphere and a independent opinion to dress code,” pronounced Song, adding there were “meaningful engagements, new business developments” as exhibitors and buyers were delicately comparison and screened to safeguard quality.

Dive pronounced he’s means to emanate suggestive engagements since “the other tradeshows are in a dating business; we are in a falling-in-love business”.

“We emanate a village people wish to live in. When they come to the shows, they say, we realize we adore what I’m doing. They might lapse with 80 business cards, though 40 will be friends forever, people they will do business with and whom they will protect.

“The Internet series is returning business to what it used to be: business formed on trust, fondness and meaningful people well.”

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