Bali’s volcanoes are still smouldering – though visiting a islands by journey is plain sailing

My aged nautical namesake Christopher Columbus would have cheerfully sent me down a gangplank had he seen my initial handicapped try during seamanship.

I’m a tiny over half approach adult to reaching a initial of dual crow’s nests on a stately Star Clipper sailing ship, some 40 feet from a gleaming, discriminating deck, when vertigo unexpected takes hold.

Chris starts his stand adult towards a crow’s nest, though has to quit given of vertigo (Carole Wiltshire/PA)

I adhere on to a ladder as persperate seeps from my front into my eyes, and my legs start to shake on a ropes while a boat kindly sways from side-to-side off a Bali coastline.

Like a fool, we counterpart upwards and see a dwindle of Indonesia whipping conflicting a bright sky, a mass of ropes cascading down from one of a tallest tall-ship masts in a universe during 213 feet, and afterwards down to a sea of faces of associate guest peering adult during me.

What done me wish to try such a plea on my initial outing on a Clipper, a incomparable chronicle of a boat that Columbus sailed on to learn far-off lands, is over me.

Chris Wiltshire after his stand (Carole Wiltshire/PA)

Perhaps it’s given we am held adult in a suggestion of a week-long adventure, that has drawn passengers from all corners of a earth to revisit these Indonesian islands.

It brings a whole new definition to Bali Ha’i, a Rodgers and Hammerstein strain from a 1950s film classical South Pacific that helped move a segment to a world’s attention.

I cautiously make my approach down a ladder and am greeted with a comforting grin from my wife, Carole.

But a zephyr is fast taken out of my sails when a lissome 84-year-old slips into a strap and creates her approach entirely adult to a crow’s nest, from where she waves to her celebration of associate Americans and is royally cheered.

Marilyn Franey seems to encapsulate a friendly, can-do opinion that is prevalent among a 102 guest and 75-strong crew.

Marilyn Franey creates her approach adult to a initial of dual surveillance posts (Chris Wiltshire/PA)

Many are unchanging cruisers who adore a cognisance of a three-strong high boat Clipper fleet, a loose opinion to sauce adult during dish times and a possibility to revisit small, uncrowded islands – on this arise a palm-fringed Gili islands, and beside East Madura, Java and Lombok.

It’s a comparatively submissive approach to representation a delights of volcanic hotspot Bali, whose tourism numbers have been exceedingly depleted given Mount Agung initial erupted in Nov final year. Three months on, dim volcanic charcoal continues to pour from a crater, though it’s anyone’s theory if a vital rip will start and a 6.5-mile reserve ostracism section stays in place.

Mount Agung in Bali (Thinkstock/PA)

At dinner, vehement gibberish fast turns to a dusk sailaway. All a guest on a list of 8 have already gifted it on possibly sister ships a Royal Clipper or a Star Flyer, and all confess to shedding an romantic tear. “If we don’t get a pile in your throat when those sails go adult and that song starts, we have no intrigue in your heart,” says a weathered Aussie conflicting me. “This is correct sailing – it’s a beaut.”

With cold drink in hand, we make my approach adult to a tip rug around a mahogany and discriminating coronet staircase where we am greeted by a comfortable zephyr and star-filled sky. Smartly turned-out deckhands bustling themselves around a 4 soaring masts and wait for commands from Polish skipper Mariusz Szalek.

Then a play begins. “Main sail, release!” comes a command. “Released, captain,” replies a deckhand. Rope holding some of a 36,000 block feet of sails is loosened and solemnly a categorical cruise rises. As it does, a vivid sounds of Vangelis’ Conquest Of Paradise – song created to commemorate Columbus’ outing to a New World in 1492 – breaks out from speakers dotted along a deck.

The Star Clipper with sails during full pillar (Chris Wiltshire/PA)

Other sails fast follow adult into a night sky and I’m strike by a call of comfortable sea atmosphere as a outrageous boat unexpected takes off. It’s a monumental stage and I, too, am feeling somewhat emotional.

Admittedly, sleeping on a correct sailing boat takes a tiny removing used to – even on a ease waters of a South Pacific – and Carole is spooked when a tiny call hits a porthole as she opens a fate one morning.

But after a few days, we relax – and even start anticipating for bigger waves to see how a boat unequivocally performs.

My certainty stems from a calm, easy-going demeanour and attract of a Polish skipper, who tells guest during a introduction assembly how he had safely navigated a Clipper in 60-knot winds and found a vessel simply adult a task. “I’d adore to uncover we what it’s like when a boat is slanted right over,” he says with a glimmer in his eye. “But a waters are really ease here, so it won’t be function this week.”

Second Navigational Officer Vadim Novikov explains to a guest how to tract a track during sea regulating usually a object and a stars (Chris Wiltshire/PA)

After a full day’s sailing we stop off during Giligenteng Island, one of a series of specks of palm-fringed islands, for a mark of snorkelling over a coral reefs and some water-skiing. More culture-driven forms conduct for East Madura (excursion, £51) to revisit a Kraton Sumenep Palace and an ancient mosque.

There are other trips to Probolinggo, Java Island (a fishing port), Lovina Beach on Bali (a black, sandy beach resort), Senggigi Beach, Lombok Island (a bustling beach review with a good vibe) and Gili Sudak on Lombok Island (a private review on a pleasing sandy beach, lapped by bluish waters).

Senggigi Beach on Lombok Island (Chris Wiltshire/PA)

The prominence of a week is an outing to Mount Bromo on Java (£146), home of a Gunung Bromo volcano – named after Brahma, a Hindu creator and partial of a Tengger Semeru National Park.

After a two-hour tour by engine coach, jeep and afterwards pony, we zephyr a approach adult a 250 petrify stairs to a corner of a void and are impressed by a nauseous, sharp smell from a sulphurous fume and unnerving shrill sound from a volcano’s lava.

We feel like we’re in a eye of a supposed Pacific Ring of Fire, named after a volcanic belt covering 25,000 miles of seismic activity.

Chris and his mother Carole (Chris Wiltshire/PA)

It’s a service to be means to lapse to a reserve of a ship’s pleasant bar for a deserved sundowner and to share a practice with new-found friends.

That evening, my wish for a bigger sea is postulated and we am fast rocked to sleep.

Being on house is maybe a safest place to be after all.

How to get there

From May-November 2018, Star Clipper will be in Bali, sailing westbound and eastward with seven-night itineraries from Benoa, visiting a Gili Islands, Komodo National Park, Pink Beach and Probolinggo. To book, call 0808 231 4798 or revisit

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