Balinese Revelry and an Olympic Remedy

By Carla Sue Broecker

While aboard Regent’s Seven Seas Voyager, they do their best to keep guest in hold with a critical things that are going on during home, like a Superbowl. At a time a diversion was played, we were brazen in time by 12 hours. This meant a live display (without commercials, unfortunately) on a theatre’s vast shade started during 6 a.m. on Monday morning where we were, that was in a Java Sea on a approach to Bali, Indonesia.

Greeters during a Lake Leke Restaurant in Bali.

The vessel went all out to emanate a genuine celebration atmosphere. The museum was divided in half with green, white and black balloons for a Eagles on one side and red, white and blue balloons on a other for a Patriots. A pretentious widespread of food of all sorts (except duck wings) surrounded a outrageous ice sculpture of a Superbowl logo. A Bloody Mary, Bud Light, extract and coffee bar took caring of many lust needs. There was popcorn, too.

More people than we would have approaching showed adult during a early hour, and they cheered as aloud as if they had been during home on their couches. It was fun. Through all of this, we were also looking brazen to an 8 a.m. attainment a following morning in a subsequent port, Benoa, in Bali.

We have enjoyed Bali on other trips and are always astounded to find that it is not terribly appealing and, as expected, is prohibited and humid. But it also has astonishing charm, that appears right during a post where we docked. The initial mark off a vessel is a old-fashioned depot where for $10 we can get a relaxing 30-minute hand, behind or leg massage right in a core of a terminal. This is usually 10 yards from a ship’s gangway. They also sell good souvenirs and clothing.

When we walked in, Anya, a owners of a wardrobe concession, came adult to sell us mumus. She pennyless into a vast grin and said, “I know you! You here final year!” we got a bear cuddle and while removing a massage, we had a personal mumu character show. we am a fool for souvenirs and an even bigger fool when it comes to a bear cuddle and a accessible nod from someone we have not seen for a year.

Carla Sue during a wood-working emporium in Bali.

Then, we were off on a good seaside excursion. It started with a revisit to Singapadu Village, where we visited a Balinese residence compound. It had small, alfresco buildings that served opposite purposes. One was a kitchen, another a sleeping area and nonetheless another was a party place. Each devalue served a family and would grow with some-more enclosures as a family grew.

Next, we went adult a highway to an area where lots of wood-carving shops exist and thrive. We saw a proof of some of a carvings and were offering impracticable examples of their skills and talent. The prices were reasonable and negotiable, though many of a unequivocally furious things would never fit underneath a chair of an airplane.

This seaside outing enclosed an Indonesian lunch during Laka Leke Restaurant. What a treat. We were greeted by a internal low-pitched organisation in normal costumes. The acquire also enclosed poetic immature ladies behaving folk dances.

Lunch was served in a organisation of open-sided pavilions. The dish started with a normal potato leek soup. Then, any guest perceived a huge, banana-leaf platter with a preference of several normal dishes in tiny bowls that were also finished of banana leaves. From a dish-washing standpoint, it was unequivocally practical. They were all thrown out during a finish of a meal.

Back during a ship, a area surrounding a depot was alive with vendors whose tents were filled with amazing, lovely, uncanny and “needed” souvenirs.  Two smashing forged wooden masks are opening home with us to supplement to a facade collection. What a fun day!

After a brief nap, it was cocktail time. On this ship, all beverages are included, so it is always cocktail time no matter what your watch says. After dinner, there was party by internal talent. Falling into bed was a final activity.

A dragon joins a party during a Lake Leke Restaurant in Bali.

The subsequent day was some-more relaxed.  We stayed tighten to “home,” did a tiny some-more wharf selling and sailed off toward a subsequent stop in a early afternoon. The arriving stop was to be Komodo Island.

There are usually dual reasons to ever go to Komodo Island. The initial is to see a horribly nauseous Komodo dragons and a other is to emporium for a healthy pearls that a locals sell. The bay during Komodo Island is too shoal for a vessel to dock, so we had to anchor off seaside and take a ship’s proposal boats into a internal pier.

I use “we” loosely. we won’t go nearby those creatures that demeanour like throwbacks to a dinosaur days. They are as vast as an alligator and only as charming. Local rangers take groups of visitors on a debate of a island to see a creatures. They take poles and rifles to strengthen a visitors. Husband Brad enjoys a tour and says where a insurance is unequivocally indispensable is during a commemoration area where good heaps of pearls – in cream, white, black, gray and infrequently pinkish or yellow – are on offer in quantities formidable to comprehend. They are lovely, and we have had purchases from prior years checked, accurate as being of good quality, curled and strung.

That dusk after dinner, we were entertained by a harmonica personification twin that we was doubtful of enjoying. Boy, was we wrong. They were good and exciting, and we all wished they would have played more.

The subsequent day was a sea day before we reached a initial Australian post stop, Darwin. It’s a comparatively tiny city of 120,000 and serves as a collateral of a Northern Territory.

Darwin is home to Territory Wildlife Park, that has a possess nominal carriages trustworthy to tiny trucks to lift tired wildlife enthusiasts around a park while indicating out sights of interest. The park was interesting, though when a ladies satisfied there was no present shop, their seductiveness dwindled. The group were pleased.

Musicians during a opening to a Lake Leke Restaurant in Bali.

After a dusk depart from Darwin and on a approach to Cooktown, we were during cooking when a captain finished an surprising announcement. There was a health puncture with a passenger, and we were branch around and streamer behind to Darwin given depletion by helicopter was not practical. The studious was eliminated by military vessel when we were tighten to Darwin and was taken directly to a hospital. We were after sensitive a studious was in fast condition.

The lapse to Darwin behind a swell adequate that a preference was finished to bypass Cooktown and conduct directly for Cairns. This meant we were going to have 3 uninterrupted sea days, so a party staff went to work to keep things sharp-witted on a floating entertainment park. The outcome was a “Regent Olympic Games” to work running with a Winter Olympic games being promote on a radio from Korea. It was fun.

In a large, multi-story atrium of a ship, a huge set of Olympic rings finished of yellow, green, red, black and blue balloons hung over a core stairway, formulating a possess Olympic arena. Each dialect on a vessel combined their possess “game” for a passengers to attend in. When a games began, a ship’s rope played correct opening song and a dialect flag-bearers from any dialect entered a “arena” down a stairs from a rug above. It was all unequivocally silly, though still fun.

The passengers participated and those who won were awarded tickets, that were put into a sketch for prizes during a finish of a games.

Valentine’s Day coincided with a third sea day in a row. To celebrate, a tip cupid within a organisation was designated. Passengers who identified that organisation member was a tip cupid perceived Regent Rewards tickets to be redeemed for prizes during a finish of a tour segment.

Individual lunch platter during a Lake Leke Restaurant in Bali.

That same day after a barbeque lunch during a pool grill, we were invited to join a Voyager theatre prolongation expel to learn how their tour into apropos stars on a Voyager began. Afterward, we toured a backstage area to see how their shows are put together and how a costumes are stored and repaired.

Then, on one unequivocally hot, sunny, clear, pleasing morning, we arrived during Cairns, Australia. This is where a Great Barrier Reef is located. We like a area, and chose to take an outing by manager to a encampment of Kuranda adult in a rainforest. Another choice was to go by wire car, that we had finished before. We visited a Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, that is tiny though pleasing and charming. Then we wandered a shops in a old-fashioned village.

After that, we were off to a wildlife refuge to see koalas, snakes, crocodiles and other furious beasts. We got behind to a vessel for a late lunch and a integrate of cold sips. VT

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