Bali volcano update: Red lava seen intense on Mount Agung – Is a volcano still erupting?

David A Rothery, highbrow of heavenly geosciences during The Open University, pronounced that a night heat was from red prohibited cracks in a lava architecture being reflected off a plume of gas. 

Prof Rothery pronounced that a plume seen entrance out of a soaring volcano was now mostly precipitated steam and it was carrying adult little, if any ash, during present. 

He said: “Agung IS now erupting, though now there seem to be few vital explosions.

“Most of a erupted element is being extruded onto/intruded in a lava architecture that is flourishing on a building of a crater.” 

An aerial photograph, common by Sutopo on Sunday, showed that magma had combined a lava architecture that fills adult a third of Mount Agung’s crater. 

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