Bali volcano leaves island in CRISIS: Holidaymakers rush as tourism waste strike $1BILLION

Indonesia’s tourism apportion has already certified that a Mount Agung tear has already stirred waste of around a million visitors.

Arief Yahya said: “Following a closure of a airport, daily arrivals to Bali was between 3,000 and 9,000 passengers, while normal arrivals (on a normal day) is 15,000. This means a detriment of around 250 billion rupiah (£13.8million) per day.”

The apportion has urged for “domestic travellers to spend their holidays in Bali and companies to theatre events on a island”.

The island, famous for a beaches and temples, is hugely critical for a Indonesian traveller industry. 

Around 4.5 million unfamiliar tourists visited Bali between Jan and September, scarcely half of a 10.5 million arrivals in Indonesia.

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