Bali volcano eruption: Singaporean extended family of 18 arrives home

UPDATE: Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave sum of a Bali airfield counter.

By Nicholas Yong and Nurul Azliah

What was meant to be their first-ever family vacation incited into an costly and extended outing for one Singaporean clan, interjection to a volcanic eruptions from Bali’s Mount Agung, that disrupted transport skeleton for thousands.

For selling researcher Faizal Ali, 40, his musician hermit Shah, 42, and 16 other members of their extended family, it was a prolonged tour home following a termination of their lapse moody from a Indonesian island.

After a 17-hour automobile and packet tour from Bali to Surabaya, and afterwards a three-day wait for a initial accessible moody home, the family finally arrived in Singapore early on Sunday morning (3 December).

Faizal reckoned that his family exceeded their designed bill by some $9,000 – or about $500 per chairman – interjection to a additional transport and accommodation arrangements, not to discuss daily expenses.

“We unequivocally overspent, we kept going to a ATM to repel money,” he said. To make matters worse, they did not squeeze transport word as they suspicion that it would be a brief trip.

Instead of a designed four- to five-day getaway, they spent roughly a full week in Indonesia.

Faizal and Shah, who play in a rope together, finished adult carrying to cancel a opening scheduled for 29 November. Other family members, such as their 25-year-old cousin Nisa Anuar, a patron use officer, had to take no-pay leave to make adult for a extended time away.

“The whole thing was really frustrating,” pronounced Nisa. The family had been formulation their outing given Apr this year.

Holiday left wrong

The family arrived in Bali on 26 November, a day that Mount Agung erupted for a second time in a week. Ngurah Rai International Airport was sealed that day, withdrawal thousands of tourists stranded, including many Singaporeans who were meant to fly home on airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Scoot and Jetstar.

The family proceeded with their skeleton in Bali, where a categorical traveller areas are during slightest 40km divided from Mount Agung, as they had been scheduled to leave around Scoot on Wednesday and Thursday.

But on Tuesday morning, they listened about a airfield closure for a initial time from news reports. This led Faizal, Shah and a family friend, 46-year-old Sri Rahayu, to conduct to a airfield to get an refurbish on a situation.

They found hundreds of associate tourists already there, with a throng usually building up, pronounced Shah. The contingent afterwards went to a Scoot counter, where they detected a unique staff member who gave them a list of numbers to call.

While there were Critical Response Teams from several countries to assistance out opposite tourists, a contingent reported that a Singapore opposite was not manned. The contingent waited for some time along with a throng of about 10, though no one came.

That night, a family were sensitive by Scoot around e-mail and content summary that their flights had been cancelled.

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) told Yahoo News Singapore that a Bali airfield opposite had been handling given a morning of 27 Nov 2017, during varying timings formed on operational requirements.  A hit series was also left for Singaporeans to call outward of a handling hours of a counter, MFA added.

Long approach home

After a prolonged and impotent general call with a Scoot central in Singapore, a family motionless to make their possess transport arrangements. With 4 aged people and several immature children in tow, Faizal and Shah explained that they were endangered about what would occur if Mount Agung erupted again.

“We only disturbed that if it erupted, we competence be stranded there for months,” pronounced Faizal.

Nisa also took emanate with what she felt was Scoot’s bad patron service. The family members were sensitive that they had to be during a airfield on a day of their flights to find out about choice transport arrangements, that were also not guaranteed.

“You can't design a 18 of us to be during a airfield watchful for 5 to 8 hours, and afterwards get zero out of it.  We approaching Scoot to be some-more responsive, to prove clearly in a e-mail what they can offer and be really transparent in either a send (to Surabaya) has to be borne by ourselves. It was really vague,” pronounced Nisa.

In response to queries from Yahoo News Singapore, Scoot pronounced that passengers requisitioned for transport to and from Bali between 27 Nov and 4 Dec duration were given a choice of cancelling their bookings for a full refund, rebooking themselves onto other Bali flights or to other destinations.

“Change fees are waived, though transport differences might apply,” pronounced a airline in a transport advisory posted on a website on 27 November.

Regarding a Denpasar airfield closure, Scoot pronounced a staff “tried their best” to support influenced passengers. This enclosed providing giveaway manager travel to Surabaya where passengers were put on “Surabaya–Singapore flights on tip of a refund/rebooking options”.

“We had to do a possess acid for a drivers in Bali, we had to flare out a possess money,” pronounced Nisa, who combined that a family will be seeking remuneration from Scoot.

Asked how it felt to be home, she replied, “Good, really good. we only wish to sleep.”

This story was updated during 1.45pm on 4 Dec 2017 to reflet Scoot’s response to Yahoo News Singapore’s queries.

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