Bali volcano dusts resorts in ash, closes airport

A volcano on a Indonesian island of Bali has rumbled to life with eruptions that dusted circuitously resorts and villages with charcoal and forced a closure of a tiny general airfield on adjacent Lombok island as soaring gray plumes drifted east.

Mount Agung erupted on Saturday dusk and 3 times early Sunday, lighting a cone with an orange heat and promulgation charcoal 13,000 feet into a atmosphere. It is still purgation and a charcoal clouds have forced a closure of Lombok island’s airfield until during slightest 6 a.m. Monday, an central during a airfield said.

Most scheduled domestic and general flights were stability Sunday during Bali’s bustling airfield after a unreasonable of cancellations on Saturday evening.

Disaster officials pronounced charcoal adult to half a centimeter thick staid on villages around a volcano and soldiers and military had distributed masks.

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