Bali United players applaud victory: Three faiths, one team

The players on Bali’s categorical football group might come from a accumulation of cultures and reason opposite faiths, though they are all personification for a same team.

A print display 3 Bali United footballers celebrating a feat on Sunday in Bali is a pleasing matter about multiculturalism and toleration on a Island of a Gods. While Bali is primarily Hindu, a island is home to Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim minorities.   

The photo, that has now left viral as it’s been common and reposted all over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, shows group of 3 opposite faiths, praying to God, any in their possess way. Bali United degraded Papua team, Perseru in Gianyar with a measure of 3-1.

Ngurah Nanak, a Hindu, stands tall, touching his hands together to his head, Yabes Roni, a Christian, kneels and clasps his hands together, while Miftahul Hamdi, a Muslim, bows his conduct to a ground.

A post common by Miftahuddin Halim (@miftahuddinhalim) on Jun 4, 2017 during 8:46am PDT

The football players were not destined to poise in prayer, though only found themselves casually celebrating in a approach they best knew how, says a Bali United coach, Widodo C. Putro.

“There were no instructions to do that. Football can uncover implausible strength. In football, we can also fight, though we (celebrate) like this.

“Because togetherness is a strength of Bali United.

“That was from a players’ impetuosity alone.”

It seems Bali United unequivocally is a ideal name for this football team.

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