Bali to Host 2017 Lovina Festival

Jakarta. The 2017 Lovina Festival is set to take place in northern Bali on Sept. 14-18.

“The activity will be centered during Kalibukbuk beach […] as an bid to incite a tourism attention in Buleleng, generally Lovina, as it is a tourism idol of northern Bali,” pronounced we Nyoman Sutrisna, conduct of Buleleng’s Tourism and Culture Agency.

Themed “Enjoy a Difference,” a four-day festival will underline a shade puppet show, normal art and song performances, such as gamelan Baleganjur and Gong Kebyar, Ki Barak Panji Sakti dance and Sampi Gerumbungan (a cow competition with singular ornaments), as good as a culinary concert and trade exhibition.

The festival is located around 30 kilometers from Denpasar, Bali’s capital.

Lovina beach, stretching by 8 coastal villages, has black silt with ease H2O suitable for diving and snorkeling.

The area is also famous for the bottlenose dolphin sighting, that is because it has a 5 scale dolphin statue located tighten to the opening gate.

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