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Who’s Who in The ANZ Travel Zoo

People, Companies, Research, Data.

Travel IQ is an industry-first beginning dedicated to providing decisive information on a ANZ transport industry’s heading companies and people.

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It fills a yawning opening in a internal transport attention – so most going on, so small suggestive information on a people and companies who make it tick.

Research is good advanced, and a initial iteration is due for recover by Jun 1.

Travel IQ will feature:

– Top 150 transport businesses in Australia and NZ, internal focus

– Detailed profiles, consultant attention analysis, disdainful insights

– Information on hundreds of ANZ attention leaders

– Major attention investors, deals and exchange listed

– Key zone overviews and analysis

– Financial information where possible

– Interviews with attention entrepreneurs and innovators

– Member entrance to 3000+ singular stories on

Travel IQ is being researched and created by publisher Martin Kelly.

It will cover a heading companies and people in retail, inbound, cruise, shipping, attractions, operators, aviation, tours activities, media, technology, shipping, automobile let and accommodation.

There’s an initial concentration on locally-owned companies and attention dynamics.

Due to inlet of travel, private companies browbeat a investigate yet each publicly-listed association (there are now some-more than 30) with bearing to transport will be covered.

Travel IQ will also underline pivotal New Zealand companies and investors, while name general companies with estimable internal infrastructure and land will come underneath a microscope.

The aim is for Travel IQ to be a indispensable, insiders beam to a internal transport industry.

It will develop over time and some-more sum will be suggested in a entrance weeks.

If you’d like to register your seductiveness in a project, please pointer up for updates.

Alternatively we can hit Martin Kelly on 61-414-774-978 if we trust your association should be included.

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