Bali think flees justice by toilet window

Denpasar (Indonesia) (AFP) – A male on conference for allegedly hidden vast sums of income from an ATM on a Indonesian review island of Bali fled from justice Tuesday by climbing out of a toilet window, military said.

Peruvian inhabitant Jose William Salazar Ortiz had been due to hear prosecutors’ judgment direct during a hearing, one of a final stages of a rapist conference in Indonesia.

But after nearing during court, a 38-year-old asked confidence officers to go to a toilet before record got underneath way, military central Gede Sumana said.

“After a while, Ortiz didn’t lapse and officers became questionable — they suspicion he competence have run away,” Sumana told AFP.

Officers pennyless down a doorway of a toilet apartment where Ortiz had been to learn a Peruvian was not there, and a tiny window inside was open, a central said.

After climbing by a window, military think he done his getaway from a justice in a Balinese collateral Denpasar by hailing a taxi.

They have launched a manhunt for a think and have alerted officials during a airport, a pier and train terminals to be on surveillance for him.

Ortiz was arrested with dual other Peruvian group in Jan for allegedly outstanding open an ATM on Bali and hidden hundreds of millions of rupiah, internal media reported.

They are also suspected of hidden income from ATMs on Indonesia’s Java island, that lies west of Bali.

Bali, a slot of Hinduism in Muslim-majority Indonesia, is a renouned traveller end famous for a pleasant meridian and palm-fringed beaches.

Minor crime is common on a island though burglary involving vast sums is rare. 

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