Bali Noon Bali Moon in Okinawa City offers a excellent ambience of Balinese cuisine

A certain approach to learn about any nation and a people is to eat a cuisine it takes honour in. My new revisit to Bali Noon Bali Moon, Balinese grill in Okinawa City, renewed that belief.

While Okinawa and Bali are about 2,500 miles detached as a bluster flies, this neat-looking, friendly eatery offers a good choice to a Indonesian tourists’ paradise.

Bali Noon Bali Moon, that non-stop a year ago, is a reside of Plaza Shopping Center, Japan’s initial selling mall, built 63 years ago to support to Americans in Okinawa’s troops community.

I have to confess, though, that we am not a large fan of sharp food. Still, my oddity about a outlandish island and a cuisine overrode my fear.

The menu was all Greek to me, though a waitress pleasantly endorsed Nasi Campur for a first-timer. This 1,200-yen plate (about $11) is a sampler of Balinese dishes. Timidly, we took a punch of shredded duck with red paprika. No mistreat to my mouth; in fact, it was delicious.

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