Bali Nine restrained Si Yi Chen reflects on his tour to Kerobokan prison


Jul 31, 2017 10:34:38

Si Yi Chen is in Kerobokan jail for lifeVideo: Si Yi Chen is in Kerobokan jail for life

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Si Yi Chen was 20 when he was held trafficking drugs as partial of a Bali Nine. Now he’s portion a life judgment in Kerobokan jail in Bali, uncertain if he will ever step outward a jail walls.

When Chen was 12 he and his family left China and altered to Australia, where immature Chen found himself training a new language, broke to pronounce for fear of being mocked for his accent.

“I was 12 and we have no English credentials so we learn all from scratch. As we can hear, my accent is still Chinese accent,” he said.

“And you’re bashful to speak to other people since you’re frightened of people shouting during you.

“And during a time is a lot of secular discrimination, it’s like they would ask we to go behind to your nation … so yeah, you’re indeed frightened to talk.”

Before he was held by officials in Bali, Chen pronounced his younger self was “stubborn, [with a] outrageous ego … thinks he’s a luckiest child … since we always get divided with troubles when we were young.”

Mathew Norman, Si Yi Chen, and Tan Duc Nguyen in a dungeon during a building in Bali.

Mathew Norman, Si Yi Chen, and Tan Duc Nguyen in a dungeon during a building before a hearing in Denpasar, Bali, on heroin trafficking charges. (Reuters: Bagus Othman)

Rebelling opposite family pressures

Chen described his family as a “typical, normal Chinese style”.

“It was like father is a trainer and my silent is a cook and I’m a usually child, so they are unequivocally despotic — though infrequently when they are too strict, we insurgent opposite them,” he said.

Chen pronounced he started to pull opposite his family’s despotic order during high school.

They were not a rich family and he pronounced they always had to work hard, that meant he was incompetent to go to a cinema with friends or revisit places like Wonderland during a holidays.

Behind jail walls

For a initial time ever a film organisation was postulated full entrance to Kerobokan jail, that sits in a centre of Bali’s traveller mecca.

“I have to stay during home and try to study,” he said.

“And of course, my father thinks investigate could give we a improved life in a future, though I’m some-more of a unsentimental chairman … so we would always insurgent opposite him.

“When we get into a multitude we met with a wrong people, though infrequently a wrong people costume as your best friends.”

After high propagandize Chen pronounced he saw any serve study as a “waste of time and money”, and desirous by Bill Gates — who forsaken out of college — he motionless to not go on to university.

“My parents, my father wasn’t usurpation so we had an evidence and afterwards we altered out from a family … from him,” he said.

“I started vital by myself with my friends and afterwards of course, we need income to survive.

“And when you’re unfortunate we don’t consider of a outcome and a consequences.”

Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman in Denpasar District Court

Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman in Denpasar District Court. (Reuters: Murdani Usman)

Chen pronounced his father continues to censure himself for all that happened.

“I try to be some-more of a Taoist … follow with a flow. Things are meant to be happen, it’s inevitable,” he said.

“So we try to tell him and convince him, it’s meant to occur since that could change me to turn a improved chairman and it’s here — a propagandize of life.”

Chen continues to onslaught with a believe that he could potentially be confronting a lifetime within a walls of Kerobokan.

“I still, in my mind, consider we competence still get out and we competence still be means to have a possibility to get a reduction,” he said.

“As time goes by it gets harder since you’re starting to remove hope, you’re starting to consider … what’s a point?”

‘People can change, people merit a second chance’

Chen frequently mediates and practices tai chi, that he pronounced was critical to him as it was a usually time he could find middle assent within a prison.

“Because that’s when we are doing something for yourself, by yourself.”

The detriment of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran was formidable for Chen to understanding with, and he described a bond they grown during their time together as “like a family”.

“We demeanour after any other, we take caring of any other. It was flattering formidable for us to face a fact that they get executed,” he said.

“I feel shame that I’m still alive and they’re not and also feel unhappy and [it] also influenced my mindset during that time, like, what’s a point.

Bali Nine pair, Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman, lay staring during a camera

Bali Nine pair, lifers Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman. (ABC News: Phil Hemingway)

“We’ve already changed, that is what jail is all about, right? We rehabilitate people, we change people to turn a improved person.

“But since [do] we still kill somebody who has already reformed and changed, who is a good chairman — a good teacher, a good painter, a good brother?”

Chen pronounced if he ever managed to leave a prison, he designed to turn a solicitor for immature adults who “suffered a same knowledge as me”.

“Because I’m a primary instance of that, and afterwards also learn kids today to reduce their ego — since I’m here since of my ego, I’m here since of my pride,” he said.

The usually possibility Chen has to leave Kerobokan would be if he were postulated clemency, so what would he contend to President Joko Widodo if he had a chance?

“I would ask him [Joko Widodo] to be looking to a changes in a life, in a time in here. People can change, people merit a second chance,” Chen said.

“Get me home.”








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