Bali Nine restrained Matthew Norman on vital a intensity lifetime in Kerobokan prison


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Matthew Norman wears a ball shawl and stares directly during a camera

Matthew Norman has vital with a walls of a barbarous Kerobokan jail in Bali given he was 18 years old. (ABC News: Phil Hemingway)

Matthew Norman has been vital within a walls of a barbarous Kerobokan jail in Bali, jailed as partial of a Bali Nine, given he was 18 years old.

Samantha Hawley recently spent some time in a jail for an part of Foreign Correspondent and sat down with Norman, now 30, to plead his life from afterwards until now.

“I’ve been here given 2005 and we have a life sentence,” he said.

When Norman was 18 he concluded to act as a drug mule, saying it as an event to get his hands on “easy cash, quick cash”.

He described himself behind afterwards as, “reckless, careless, wanting to cut corners in life — hence since we am in my position now”.

“I had a good upbringing. we had a good family, my father was always good to us and yeah, unequivocally good kin and all that,” he said.

“It was only my possess irrationality that led me to where we am currently … we can’t error my upbringing whatsoever.”

Matthew Norman walks handcuffed between dual Indonesian policemen

Matthew Norman is escorted to court. (Murdani Usman: Reuters)

‘I was only looking for a approach to cut corners’

Thinking behind to when he started on a trail that led him to Kerobokan, Norman pronounced it all began when he was 16 and done a preference he was finished with school.

“I didn’t wish to continue on and get my HSC, we wanted to work and it wasn’t always easy anticipating work so, yeah, only went with a wrong organisation and things grew from there,” he said.

Norman was approached one day by a crony who asked him either he would be meddlesome in apropos concerned in drug trafficking, and, “without meditative about a consequences”, he pronounced yes.

“I was meditative some-more about a income that was concerned in it — that in review wasn’t that many actually,” he said.

“But during a time we thought, ‘Oh wow, with that we could buy a car, we could fast-track my life’ … cut corners really.”

Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman in Denpasar District Court

Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman in Denpasar District Court. (Murdani Usman: Reuters)

Norman and associate Bali Nine members Si Yi Chen and Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen all concluded to act as drug mules.

Together they were arrested during a inexpensive Bali hotel room in possession of about 300 grams of heroin.

All up, Norman pronounced he was offering $15,000 for a pursuit — “Which is a lot to an 18-year-old, yet when we demeanour behind during it now … it’s peanuts, it’s nothing.”

‘I wish to uncover them we merit a second chance’

Above all else, Norman pronounced he regretted what he had put his family through, and a impact of his actions on their lives.

Behind jail walls

For a initial time ever a film organisation was postulated full entrance to Kerobokan jail, that sits in a centre of Bali’s traveller mecca.

“My sister got unequivocally vexed when we got arrested. She became anorexic, she got unequivocally skinny. It was unequivocally tough on her,” he said.

“My comparison sister had difficulty as well, people badgering my family — not only media yet other people as well, there was some hatred mail, things like that.

“I never had an endless rapist story behind home during all so we consider that would be a really final thing they approaching me to get concerned in, so it was … really tough on my family to come to grips with it.”

He pronounced now it was only a matter of, “trying to do a best that we presumably can in here with what we have”.

“To uncover them that I’m a altered person, to uncover them that we merit a second probability — not only in multitude yet to them as well.

“They’ll always adore me since I’m their family, their son, their hermit … yet we feel that we owe it to them to uncover them that we can be a best probable me in here.”

Life inside KerobokanVideo: Life inside Kerobokan

(ABC News)

Just a kid, ‘pigging out on comfort food’

When Norman initial entered jail he was in many ways still only a kid, and he removed how friends and family would move him his favourite comfort dishes — red skins, milkos and his favourite during a time, Curly Wurlies.

“A lot of people used to speak about chocolate and things like that being a good highlight release, so we had a lot of chocolate,” he said.

During one revisit a crony even brought him a whole box of Curly Wurlies, that he managed to finish off “in about a week”.

“I pigged out to a indicate where we get ill and people say, ‘Just eat it slow, we don’t need to eat it all in one go’,” Norman said.

“[But] if we have it, I’ve got to finish it. If we don’t have it … my mind is revelation me, ‘Mate, we got chocolate in a cupboard, go and eat it’.

“So we go and open it, have a punch of it … all of it and afterwards it only starts screaming during me, ‘Come on, Matt, it’s going to go bad, a ants are removing into it, only finish it, you’ve already eaten many of it anyway’.”

Dealing with a probability of never leaving

While a trust he might never leave a jail was mentally “tough” to bargain with, Norman pronounced he attempted to keep certain and concentration on a probability of a reduced judgment formed on good behaviour.

“Every day it is only a onslaught to keep doing a good things, even yet all around we infrequently can be chaos,” he said.

“You can have other prisoners only going mental, going crazy since of their possess circumstances, yet we can’t tumble into that.

“My consequences are huge. If we things adult and make a mistake, we potentially could be here for a rest of my life.

Bali Nine pair, Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman, lay staring during a camera

Si Yi Chen and Matthew Norman were both arrested during a inexpensive Bali hotel room in possession of heroin. (ABC News: Phil Hemingway)

“So I’ve got to make certain that each day I’m doing a best that we can, and that we have a best probability to get a reduction.”

The misfortune thing Norman pronounced he had seen while in Kerobokan was a genocide of a Japanese restrained he knew.

“He was vexed yet he didn’t tell anybody about that, about his depression, and he went and hid behind a hospital and hung himself,” Norman said.

“So that was a bit tough. He’d been here for about 5 years and he did have utterly a prolonged judgment — we consider he had another 10 some-more years to go.

“It’s only a sign that if you’re not doing good in here, if you’re not being certain … that a choice to being certain is a negatives and a suicidal thoughts.”

Two confidence guards travel past a line of motorbikes outward Bali's Kerobokan prison.

Matthew says he trys to keep certain and concentration on a probability of a reduced judgment formed on good behaviour. (Reuters around Antara Foto/Nyoman Budhiana)

Norman pronounced if he could broach any summary to President Joko Widodo — who has a energy to extend him a rebate in his judgment and indulgence — it would be one of understanding.

“I know his high position on drugs, and multitude has been busted since of drugs, it’s true,” he said.

“[But] prisoners can change. Please have a demeanour during what we’re doing here and what’s going on in other prisons, and greatfully trust that inmates can change.”










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