Bali Juice Expands Distribution in California

LOS ANGELES — Bali, a initial 100 percent Mangosteen fruit juice, is entrance only in time for open with a launch opposite all Albertsons, Von’s and Pavilions grocery stores in Southern California. Albertsons is a second largest grocery sequence in America.

“Mangosteen fruit originates in South East Asia where it has been consumed for centuries for both a honeyed ambience as good as a faith in health and recovering benefits,” pronounced Edward Farley. “We have been building a product for over 2 years and have spent a lot of time on a belligerent in South East Asia with a internal partners and farmers.”

Bali is led by a group of former Coca-Cola executives, Ken Ramirez former General Manager of Coke for Southern California and Hawaii, Matt Vernon former Vice President of National Retail Sales and Chuck Muth former Senior Vice President of Cokes Venture Emerging Brands.

Bali is a initial ‘retail ready’ Mangosteen extract on a marketplace today. Mangosteen is a singular super fruit that comes from South East Asia. It can take adult to 15 years for tree’s to grow and infrequently unclothed fruit each dual years. Mangosteen fruit contains Xanthone’s, one of natures many absolute anti-oxidants.

“We are really vehement to be operative with Albertsons Vons and Pavilions,” pronounced Bali’s owner and CSO Edward Farley. “They have a good participation in a US and we will be ancillary them with a best efforts to move a ambience of Mangosteen extract to everyone.”

Bali is 100% pristine juice, low in naturally occurring sugars with no combined sugarine or sweeteners. Vegan, Non-GMO and comes in a potion bottle.

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