Bali Gigolos: Why Aussie women are profitable for sex

BALI’S Kuta beach is as unobtrusive as a balderdash dump.

You can float among internal noodle packets and tropical-coloured cosmetic bags, we can get your toenails cut and your hair braided, and we can save a equine and float a Kuta cowboy.

“Women come to us since they wish to be respected, they wish to be treated right” ‘Brown Sugar’ told me (that’s what how he wanted me to name him in a story by a way).

Brown Sugar, 21, is one of Bali’s many masculine gigolos. Often called Kuta beach-boys, these sex workers are young, handsome, lean, dark-skinned Indonesian organisation who give their attentions to womanlike tourists.

“Most of a time we unequivocally do find a women appealing … we cite sex with caucasian women, they are wilder,” Brown Sugar said, as he sat on a surfboard on a belligerent in front of me.

“The present is customarily only a bonus.”

Brown Sugar = Artificial Sweetener? Possibly – we meant his criticism did ambience a small too honeyed to be true.

That said, after several days of watching a Kuta Beach boys for this story, we beheld their admirers were not customarily women who would onslaught to get a date with a masculine behind home – many were young, appealing and socially adept.

So what do these guys offer them that others don’t?

“All we do is ask women what they wish and afterwards yield them with that,” he pronounced “We give them massages, we yield them right.”

I met a immature blonde Australian sitting with a organisation of dark-skinned Indonesian surfer-boys.

“They are some-more attentive,” she said. “I only find them some-more respectful, some-more passionate than many Aussie men.”

But it’s not only Aussie women. The dual many common nationalities by a Kuta Cowboys’ side were immature Japanese and Korean ladies. When we asked Brown Sugar because this was a box he introduced me to his friend, “The Korean Killer”.

“We yield a Korean ladies as equal, we don’t see them as any obtuse or improved than us,” he told me.

Tellingly, South Korea is a place where immature prepared women come adult opposite normal values – like being approaching to stay during home while organisation bringing in a cash.


A print promotion a ‘Bali Boyfriend and Male Escort Service’ on Facebook.
A print promotion a ‘Bali Boyfriend and Male Escort Service’ on Facebook.

Japan is another place where females are famous to mostly onslaught for autonomy and comparison jobs. Both a Japanese and a Koreans seem to be anticipating a clarity of empowerment, leisure and standing on Bali’s beaches they mostly onslaught to find during home.

The Bali Gigolo materialisation competence be as suddenly ominous as it is right on trend: A 2015 investigate from a University of Lancaster’s Criminology Department suggested a British women who were profitable for sex with masculine escorts were not unfortunate and dateless, though bustling career professionals in their 30s and 40s – mostly too bustling or not meddlesome in required relationships.

The same investigate showed a marketplace for masculine sex services online is rising a faster rate than those for adverts for women escorts. Indeed, Bali Gigolos are also, unsurprisingly, relocating off a beaches and promotion online.

Through Facebook we found Steven – he started a Bali Boyfriend and Male Escort Service about 4 years ago.

Steven, 27, of Balinese-Japanese descent, told me he sees about 4 clients per month – many of them Australian, Korean, Japanese and Russian.

“Generally a age operation is between 22 and 40,” he explained. “Only about half of them wish sex …. They customarily wish me to accompany them on some events and to yield them special. They wish to be accepted and to be treated properly.”

I asked what other organisation competence be means to learn from him, formed on what women ask him for.

“Men should learn to know what women need, and how to yield them scrupulously with honour and mutual bargain … It’s some-more than only sex, it’s a art of touching their hearts and souls,” Steven told

“Most organisation only tumble defunct after sex – we ask what they want.” he added

And what is that?

“That wish me to be peaceful and they wish to be given verbal sex,” he explained.

That’s identical to what a subsequent interviewee told me too, though not before promulgation this when we asked him how he wanted to be identified in a story:

I am Roy Gonzales: Bali – Indonesia

32 y old , 175cm, 65 Kg


The design Roy Gonzales sent.
The design Roy Gonzales sent.


To clarify, Roy does do massages with happy endings for women.

He told me all of his clients were women aged between 30 and 45, who roughly always wish “to be wild via a physique … They like a massage first. we will hold all over their bodies, and in a finish we will have sex with them. The tip is contingency follow a will of a woman. The diversion should be long,” he explained.

Being affectionate, profitable some-more courtesy and seeking women what they wish sounds flattering elementary really.

Dr Marie Tudor from Adelaide Sex Therapy told that both her masculine and womanlike clients protest their partners are not courteous enough.

“Some women contend that they would like some-more lead adult to passionate touching – for example, a massaging a Balinese gigolos provide,” Dr. Tudor told

“In a attribute context, some women feel incompetent to get in a mood for sex when there have been domestic tensions and small regard and appreciation from their partners.”

But sex with gigolos in Bali doesn’t come but complicated realities, like a risk of HIV.

Emily Perry, an eccentric HIV and mistreat rebate consultant formed in Denpasar, pronounced HIV infection is a critical problem right opposite Indonesia and is strong among 5 pivotal groups in Bali including masculine sex workers and their clients.

“People take risks that they don’t take during home when they go on holiday – be it not wearing a helmet on a motorbike or carrying sex,” Perry said.

“I do get western clients entrance in to see me for a HIV exam all a time – customarily panicked after doing something they regretted a night before.”

Play it protected – satisfactory enough. But what about a issues of power, exploitation and money?

“In my knowledge women who do it are cursed in a same approach as organisation – for objectifying and wielding energy over men,” says Dr Laura Agustín, an anthropologist and author of a book Sex during a Margins.

“They are indicted of injustice and sexualising blackness. Is this all a amorous side of imperialism? we theory so. But we are all held adult in it; there is no ideally purify place to stand.” Dr Agustin said.

What we can confirm, for really opposite reasons, is there isn’t any ideally purify place to mount on Kuta beach.

Yet, we did find somewhere pleasing to lay – underneath a shade and with a everlasting internal sixpack stomachs on display.

Around a world, other common masculine escorts for tourists (the “Rent-a-Dreads” in Jamaica, “the Marlboro Men” in Jordan, “the Bumsters” in Gambia, a “Drummer Boys” in Senegal) are famous for being utterly tall.

But tallness correct – Indonesians are on normal a smallest nationality in a world. And – ah, well, do we see where we am going with this?

I had to ask Brown Sugar: “I’m wondering … everywhere else that is famous for womanlike sex tourism a guys are scandalous for being good hung.”

“Well hung don’t make always make a lady happy,” Brown Sugar retorted. “They wish romance, they wish company.”

“So what do we consider about a Kuta cowboys anyway?” he after asked.

“All this is news to me,” we explained. “I like men.”

“Do we have no genitals?” Brown Sugar asked, “Or did they get harmed in accident. Does your dick not work anymore?”

“No, it still works – that’s not a issue.”

“So how most does it cost we to do that to a man?”

“Nothing, usually, many organisation are like this.”

Brown Sugar gave a demeanour of thinking confusion, afterwards staring out to a sea he said:

“Well y’know what man, if we like this and they like this, afterwards we am really happy for we and we wish we find a good Balinese guy.”

A week on Kuta beach: A training knowledge all-round apparently.

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