Bali fighters benefit superb victories during Malang pencak silat competition

Bali cumulative a position as a range with a biggest pencak silat martial art fighters after a province’s fortuitous won a President Cup during a 9th Perisai Diri International Championship in Malang, East Java, from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1.

Bali won 17 bullion medals, 10 silvers and 11 bronzes in a competition, in that 436 athletes participated.

Winning a championship in 2014, Bali had to contest not usually against 19 contingents of pencak silat athletes from areas opposite Indonesia, though also fighters from Australia, Japan and Timor Leste

East Java won second place with 11 gold, 8 china and 17 bronze medals. West Java ranked third with 8 golds, 10 silvers and 10 bronze medals.

Australia brought home one bullion and one bronze medal, while Timor Leste won one bronze medal.

“We are unequivocally blissful we could grasp this champion title. All a fighters and coaches displayed their best ability in a arena. We are also unequivocally happy we could accommodate fighters from other countries who participated in this foe in a pacific family atmosphere,” Bali fortuitous manager Brendan Martin told The Jakarta Post.

Corey Lane, a warrior from Ayr, 71 kilometers south of Queensland, Australia, pronounced he taught pencak silat to children in his hometown.

 “I widespread a precious suggestion and values of this martial art there and sight children who have no thought what this martial art is all about. we foster this martial art to them by Facebook,” Corey said. (hol/ebf)

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