Bali Earthquake Aftermath: Fears of a Tsunami and Volcanic Eruption Escalate

Late on Wednesday, Sep 20, a 5.7-magnitude trembler shook Bali. The Indonesian trembler was rescued in a Java Sea northwest of a island. The trembler has exacerbated fears that a Mount Agung volcano will explode in a nearby future, and put locals as good as tourists in a segment on high alert.

Bali Earthquake Aftermath

While a Bali earthquake, that is deliberate a moderate-to-strong tremor, did no damage, it has escalated fears of a tsunami and a tear of a Mount Agung volcano.

Volcano Eruption Alert

Even before a undersea earthquake, officials in Indonesia had already stretched their volcano transport warning. The turn 3 warning some-more than doubled a distance of a area people should avoid, and canceled activities in a at-risk zone.

Is It Safe to Travel to Bali?

At this time, no central tsunami warning has been released for Bali or a surrounding area, yet it seems utterly expected that a volcanic tear is imminent. Seismic activity has been usually augmenting in a area, and already fume has been seen evading a crater.

Travelers should note that a series of earthquakes have struck along a supposed Ring of Fire in a final 48 hours, including an trembler in New Zealand, Japan, Vanuatu, and a devastating 7.1-magnitude earthquake that strike Mexico City on Tuesday.

According to a Daily Mail, 90 percent of volcanoes and earthquakes occur in this quite seismic region.

While people are not being speedy to change transport skeleton during this time, it is critical to watch for local updates from government, as good as hotel staff and airlines.

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