Bali-bound moody creates puncture landing

A Bali-bound moody with 240 passengers aboard done an puncture alighting in a city on Saturday, after a co-pilot became comatose in a cockpit.

The Qatar Airways moody QR 964 landed in a city only past midnight when a co-pilot, Andre Dinu, a 35-year-old Romanian national, suffered a suspected heart attack. The craft was diverted to Hyderabad and privileged for puncture landing. The organisation member was immediately rushed to a Apollo Medical Center on a Rajiv Gandhi International Airport premises for initial treatment, and after to Apollo Hospital in Jubilee Hills, an airfield orator said.

“He was put in a cardiac complete caring section and a battery of tests was run. Though he is stable, doctors have not done a diagnosis. He will be underneath observation,” a sanatorium orator said.

After unscheduled alighting and delay, a QA moody took off from a city with all a passengers around 3 a.m.

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