Bali Baby

Earlier this year, a Atlanta rapper Bali Baby took an sudden left spin to indulge her rockstar impulses on a pop-punkish Baylor Swift. Her new track, a jeering swat kiss-off “AMBER Alert,” is a lapse to a sound on that she done her name: bold trap fueled by an unconstrained fibre of slap-happy punchlines. Bali is her many engaging in some-more initial spaces, mining heartbreak for bedroom cocktail songs, yet she is many some-more gentle pretension in and flexing proudly before her enemies. “Little bitch, we got a power/I am a male each hour,” she raps. There is a friskiness to Bali’s performances that make even her many confrontational lines seem like a tease; in her taunts, she’s some-more mischievous than she is mean or nasty. Her raps pull energy from approach associations (“Killing a game, it’s a cemetery”), and yet some are too simple or too imprecise to be effective on their own, they mostly mortar into something punchy. Her proud flows build to such moments, where her suggestion seems inextinguishable. “I’m screaming ‘pussy is power!’/I lay in bed, and I’m creation income by a hour,” she squeals, going from irascible to dispassionate in an instant. In reverting behind to her default environment on “AMBER Alert,” Bali Baby reestablishes herself as a swat menace.

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