Bali and Beyond Travel Fair Set to Become Global Marketplace

The Tourism Ministry, BBTF’s categorical sponsor, has been operative to spin a eventuality into a marketplace with some-more sellers from overseas, though South Korea Tourism Organization was a solitary unfamiliar seller in BBTF 2017.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya pronounced during final year’s satisfactory he wanted BBTF to be “a tellurian marketplace” on standard with a ITB Berlin uncover in Germany.

This year, some-more countries have reliable they will be attending a event, including Vietnam, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand.

“Thailand even requisitioned a pavilion since they are bringing 10 attention players,” BBTF authority Ketut Ardana told a Jakarta Globe on Thursday (22/03) during a media visit.

He pronounced unfamiliar sellers should be welcomed during BBTF, and that a Indonesians do not need to worry about competing with them.

Ketut pronounced BBTF 2018 will be attended by a sum of 275 buyers and 225 sellers from 40 countries.

BBTF is also adhering to a categorical goal to marketplace internal destinations and assistance a Tourism Ministry to grasp a aim of attracting 20 million unfamiliar visitors in 2018.

This year’s satisfactory will set aside a pavilion to foster a ministry’s 10 tip priority destinations, dubbed as a “10 New Balis.”

There will also be a post-event debate to uncover a potentials of circuitously traveller destinations Banyuwangi (East Java), Kupang and Lembata (East Nusa Tenggara) and Tana Toraja (South Sulawesi).

The 2017 satisfactory available a Rp 5.6 trillion ($408.8) turnover from 174 sellers and 198 domestic and unfamiliar buyers. Ketut pronounced this year they design a series to strech Rp 7.8 trillion.

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