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Lately, it seems like Jakarta’s restauranteurs are during a detriment for new ideas. The marketplace is jam-packed with a pseudo-modern-French-Asian cuisine, with menus and cocktail lists clearly some-more and some-more repeated as their neighbours and rivals. Word on a travel that there is a “hold” on ethanol shipments entrance into a nation also doesn’t help. Orders backdated to progressing this year have been stopped, with even Bali feeling a feverishness as consumers customarily splash a stream supply dry. Many times, when we enter a high-end bar or restaurant, you’ll find during slightest a entertain to half a booze and cocktails list possibly taken or habis. That’s a great contrition for an attention already influenced by impossibly high taxation rates and amicable stigma. It creates one consternation either dining out is value many during all these days.

For a past integrate of months, there has been many soul-searching in terms of how to do this mainstay justice. On a one hand, we can keep stating on a ultra-hip openings with a luminary chefs operative culinary sorcery in a galleys of their shiny, immaculate steel kitchens. On a other hand, there’s a resources of internal transport that might exam an expat’s restraint even if dining there would be easier on a wallet and plead unapproachable acclimatization to stream life circumstances. However, a desire is to hunt for something different, conjunction to be enraptured by a newest, shiniest grill nor to emanate nonessential trips to a medical clinic.

Moving forward, there will be some-more operation of restaurants reviewed with an importance on those that emanate internal transport protected and tasty adequate for even a newly arrived expat family to enjoy. And if not local, afterwards informal cuisine with an importance on peculiarity of erect as good as those that move normal methods of preparation. Indonesia has an extraordinary story of inclusion and farrago and it would be lingering to dedicate a mainstay only on a latest grill trends. We start here with an unobtrusive café aptly named Pokenbir.

– The Clandestine Critic


Tucked divided behind vast ancillary pillars in a run of a Lippo Building, there is a bare-bones café portion some of a many tasty pig dishes in all of Jakarta. Surprisingly meagre of fake or reserve, Pokenbir is essentially a place for people to fill on pig in all of a glory: roasted pig swell with crackling, caramelized bacon, low boiled pork, crispy rinds and stewed pork. To cruise grouping anything else would be profanity (and there is really tiny else that is not done from a pig on a menu). It’s protected to say: vegetarians need not apply.

The Roasted Pork Belly comes in dual sizes, tiny or large, and accompanied by potato chips, rice or French fries, and a immature salad. We systematic a tiny portion; that offers 5 vast pieces of juicy, tasty pig belly. The crackling was superb, with a few layers of fat still lustrous and tricky dark between a gaunt meat. For many who haven’t grown adult with this form of dish, a fat might be off-putting as pig swell is customarily roasted until a fat melts divided totally in Western-style roasts. The disproportion is cultural, though, as many Asian cooking methods concede for a bit of influence of a greasy integrity to their pig — generally when it comes to a belly. The plate arrived with a contingent of sauces: honeyed soy with uninformed chillies, a general from-the-bottle sambal, and a sugar mustard salsa that was surprisingly good. Mustard and pig go hand-in-hand as a astringency cuts by a richness.However, a slight benevolence from a sugar transforms a beef (and hides a mustard’s bitterness) into a sweet-sour delight, a multiple that is zodiacally enjoyed.

However, a slight benevolence from a sugar transforms a beef (and hides a mustard’s bitterness) into a sweet-sour delight, a multiple that is zodiacally enjoyed.

We also systematic a tiny Mixed Pork Platter with pig saté, caramelized bacon, butter miso grilled pork, even more, roasted pig swell and French fries. The saté sticks were luscious and flavorful and a caramelized bacon had a singular molasses-y ambience to it. The Fried Pork Bites were outstanding, a kitchen has combined a many tasty membrane covering each aspect of a pig bites and blending it with a spicy, uninformed cucumber and red chile sambal that was tortuously more-ish. The Nasi Campur ala Bali was a plate that had dual forms of pork: a roasted swell and a few pieces of stewed pawn in Indonesian spices. It was accompanied by a lemongrass-heavy lawar, a strong red and immature chilli sambal, and crispy rinds. For those who are not informed with lawar, it is a side plate many ordinarily found by blending minced beef or even pig blood with several vegetables, spices and herbs. Do not fear, Pokenbir’s lawar does not enclose any blood, and is utterly a pleasing further to a plate for those who suffer a medium-spicy heat.


Image by AnakJajan

Indonesia Big Pork Rice


On another occasion, and with a bigger party, we systematic a “Indonesia Big Pork Rice,” that was vast adequate for 4 or 5 people, and served like a normal rice platter. They also offer pig bone soup Bak Kut, and several boiled rice and pig rice plates. Those who wish to nibble on some knuckle need to call in a day in advance.

What does one splash with that many pork? we find myself privately repelled to contend that a large, ice cold Bintang or Erdinger is a ideal foil to a pork-fest. Usually, Bintang tastes rather insipid, though we theory one needs to regulate a taste with vast gulps of refreshing, ice-cold drink to opposite all of a fatty, greedy delights during Pokenbir.


3 stars


Lippo Building

Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said, Setiabudi, Jakarta

Telephone: 021 2911 0145

Hours: 10am-10pm daily

Dinner for 2

Food: Rp. 280,000

Drinks: Rp. 164,000

Service 10%: Rp. 44,400

Tax 10%: Rp. 48,840

Total: Rp. 537,240




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