Ayana Launches New Kubu Beach Club Exclusive to In-House Guests

Published 09 Jul 2017   

Recently non-stop in June, with beachfront dining permitted in August, AYANA takes guest behind to a some-more country time in Bali’s mythological holiday lifestyle, with a launch of Kubu Beach Club’s 1960s birthright Bali vibe.

Located on one of Bali’s final remaining dark white silt beach coves, and permitted usually by AYANA’s 90-hectare estate, Kubu Beach Club’s autarchic environment showcases aquamarine waters, thespian limestone cliffs and unique Balinese pattern desirous by island elements such as shell, wood, bamboo, mill and normal rooftops done with “lontar” leafs, identical to a island’s classical palm leaf. The bar is entirely allocated with a contemporary wooden deck, gentle hammocks, Balinese character Lean-to cabana, and healthy whole teakwood loungers.

Designed to be a categorical captivate for beachfront relaxing dining, Kubu Beach Club is usually permitted to in-house guest of AYANA Resort and Spa BALI, RIMBA Jimbaran BALI by AYANA and The Villas during AYANA. Tucked divided from a dispatch of daily life, a bar is designed to engage idle days in a object with fun filled noted moments for all a family. Come dusk, guest will be anxious by a flawless nightfall views on a horizon.

To accompany a normal design, a kitchen serves an heterogeneous operation of elementary general dishes and internal comfort foods. Menu equipment operation from robust favourites such as limp ceviche and colourless bun cheese burger to normal Balinese dishes including signature rice dishes as good as a well-loved internal favorites “Rujak Gula” a anniversary fruits cooking with palm sugarine and tamarind, “Bakso balung” an oxtail beef meatball soup and normal duck or pig satays. Warm and accessible use goes over expectancy with a some-more artistic proceed that creates guest feel enclosed in a altogether experience. The Beach Bar reflects a cultured of loyal Balinese camaraderie, with an unconstrained upsurge of ice-cold beers, uninformed coconut H2O and selected Balinese Tiki cocktails and Arak formed classical cocktails.

Guests can design an inside preview into a golden age of Kuta’s ended epoch with authentic amenities such as beachside massages achieved underneath a coconut tree regulating healthy coconut oil and a hair-braiding use and proxy tattoos.

Thanks to AYANA’s innovative cliff-side inclinator, recently commissioned to use Kubu Beach Club, guest can select to knowledge a refreshing 197-step journey, or a discerning 35-second float adult and down AYANA’s moving cliff-front terrain.

Kubu Beach Club is open each day from 9.00am – 7.00pm, with lunch use starting during 11.00am. Families staying during AYANA are acquire to suffer a tasty and comforting dish with their children. Small groups are speedy to devise forward when engagement private dining events and beachfront cocktail parties.

With a ability of adult to 80 guests, Kubu Beach Club is a ideal additional to AYANA’s already considerable facilities.


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