Australian surfer Jae Haydon dies in Bali in wipeout that snapped board


Apr 24, 2018 13:02:37

A male personification his guitar, with a perspective of a vast overpass in a background.

Jae Haydon sings a strain nearby a Harbour Bridge. (Supplied: Dean Snushall Photography)

Wollongong surfer Jae Haydon has died after surfing reportedly hulk waves during a mangle off Bali, Indonesia.

The 35-year-old’s physique was found 12 hours after a damaged house cleared adult final night nearby Padang Padang Beach in a traveller island’s south, his family reliable this morning.

His sister, Heidi Haydon, pronounced in a text: “My silent and we are feeling a adore from all and know that we would know we would conclude remoteness during this time.”

A crony of Mr Haydon’s, Mark Brightwell, pronounced a surfer’s house snapped after a wipeout.

He pronounced dual surfers attempted to lift Mr Haydon onto another house and move him to shore, though they reportedly mislaid him when another call hit.

“Obviously in a 10-15-foot conditions a varnish would have been absolute and apparently they weren’t means to say him on a house and mislaid him,” he said.

A male crouching and touching a surfboard.

NSW male Jae Haydon tends to his surfboard. (Facebook: Jae Haydon)

Mr Brightwell pronounced his physique was located during another roller break, Impossibles, that was serve down a embankment from Padang Padang.

The Impossibles mangle is a renouned barrelling left-hander that is surfed by professionals, with competitions mostly hold in a area.

However, it is a shoal embankment mangle and is deliberate intensely dangerous when large swells hit.

Early reports suggested Mr Haydon’s physique was brought in by lifeguards.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade reliable it was providing consular assistance to Mr Haydon’s family.

‘Living life to a fullest’

Mr Brightwell described his crony as a ardent surfer, musician and traveller.

“He was in Bali doing a few gigs and in between gigs he would ramble and roller and take it all in — vital life to a fullest,” he said.

Tributes were issuing on amicable media after a 35-year-old’s genocide was reliable this morning.

“You were a mate, a neighbour, a associate surfer, an hostess and a life lover. A loyal inspiration. Your soul, song and participation overwhelmed thousands and will continue” crony Tate English pronounced on Facebook.

NSW surfboard builder Dylan Perese posted a reverence on Instagram.

“He would always light adult a room, stage, yard, whatever venue with a regard and implausible tunes,” he said.

Mr Haydon was surfing nearby Uluwatu, a renouned roller area on a holiday island and home to several resorts and breaks.

A Go Fund Me page was set adult by Mr Brightwell underneath a name Our Amazing Friend Jae Haydon to assistance lift a supports to move his physique behind to Australia.








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