Australian Dies of Natural Causes in a Kuta Hotel


The Jakarta Post reports that a 76-year-old Australian, Dennis Francis O’Brien, died of apparently healthy causes in his room during a Zest Hotel in Legian, Kuta on Monday, Jun 5, 2017.

O’Brien had checked into a hotel on Jun 1st and was scheduled to check out on Jun 22nd.

Staff during a hotel news a Australian was final seen during a hotel enjoying breakfast on Sunday morning, a day before to a find of his body. When a male did not emerge from his room on Monday and unsuccessful to answer his telephone, hotel government motionless to check a room.

Upon opening a doorway staff found a male laying face down on his bed.

Based on a state of decay of a body, military and debate specialists trust a male had been passed for some-more than 12 hours before his physique was discovered.

Police found a far-reaching operation of medication drugs in a room. There were no signs of assault or equipment blank from a room, heading military to interpretation a Australian many substantially died of healthy causes.

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