Aussie goes on a run after purported Bali drug find

An Australian male arrested in Bali has managed to shun out of a sanatorium toilet window after military guarding him were “too vehement hearing television”.

The man, who was incarcerated after military allegedly found drugs in his luggage, afterwards went on a run for 12 hours, visiting a crony and throwing a cab to a fraudulent residence and doubling behind to chuck military off his tail, before he was finally hold carrying lunch during a restaurant.

Joshua James Baker has told military he brought a drugs from Australia to Bali with him and that he did not trust he was guilty given it is authorised to use pot in Australia.

Baker, 32, faces charges of drug possession and importation that lift a limit life and genocide sentences in Indonesia, nonetheless a volume he is purported to have had is really tiny and doubtful to attract anything circuitously a maximum.

Police pronounced they would embody sum of his good shun in a dossier of justification opposite him so it could be used by judges.

Baker was arrested on a weekend when he arrived in Bali and Customs officers, who were suspicious, searched his luggage, anticipating 36 grams of pot churned with tobacco and 37 Diazepam pills.

Police have given distant a pot and tobacco and contend a volume of pot is 28.02 grams.

Born in a mining city of Mt Isa in Queensland, Baker arrived in Bali after drifting from Sydney, transiting in Bangkok.

He is now being hold in military control and is in a Bhayangkara Trijata military hospital.

He has nonetheless to be strictly named a think though military contend they are questioning him underneath drug possession and drug importation laws and have 3 days to collect evidence, that can be extended by another 3 days, before they announce him a think and ensue to charges.

After his detain during Bali’s general airfield on Sunday, he was taken into military control on Monday morning.

That afternoon, after interrogation, he was taken to a military sanatorium for a slight medical hearing and doctors suggested he be kept there overnight.

The emissary executive of a narcotics directorate during Bali police, Sudjarwoko, pronounced Baker asked a dual military officers guarding him for accede to use a toilet.

“Our military crew were too vehement hearing radio while waiting,” Sudjarwoko said. After 15 mins they knocked on a doorway and when there was no answer, pennyless a doorway down to find that Baker had transient by a movement window.

Baker ran to a circuitously mini-market and borrowed a staff member’s mobile phone to get a motorbike cab to take him to a British friend’s home in Canggu.

Baker asked his crony for income though done no discuss of his progressing detain and escape. From Canggu he took a cab to Nusa Dua, revelation a motorist to stop in front of a residence where he simulated to be opening a gate.

But when a cab left he doubled behind to Canggu, a stretch of 28km.

“When he arrived in Nusa Dua, apparently Baker is smart. He told a cab to stop in front of a house, that he pronounced was his house. He simulated it was his house, like perplexing to open a gate, though apparently he went divided once a cab was gone,” Sudjarwoko said.

“I widespread his design to cafes, hotels, restaurants and other open areas to find him. At around 2.20pm we got a phone call from a hotel who pronounced there was someone there like a print of a male searched by police.

“I told a hotel staff to have letter discuss with him, to make him stay there longer, as we indispensable time to go from Nusa Dua to Canggu. We arrested him during a hotel.

“Maybe he was hungry, that’s because he came out to get lunch.”

Sudjarwoko pronounced Baker told military he was a drug user and that he got a drugs from Australia. The formula of urine and blood tests, for drug use, are nonetheless to be finalised.

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