Art Activist Liina Klauss’ Sculpture From 5000 Salvaged Flip-Flops

Even in a halcyon dreamscape of Bali, sea pollution—and sea plastics—strangle and destroy healthy beauty. To pull continued pleasantness to this plight, Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club called on German-born artist and romantic Liina Klauss to build a permanent outside designation with a idea to say awareness. Enlisting a team, Klauss collected some-more than 5,000 flip-flops from a shores of Bali’s west coast. Sorted, firm and formed, a cosmetic pieces have come together for an design distinct any other, and it’s on arrangement now.

“A few years behind when operative in Hong Kong, we beheld a extreme volume of flip-flops on non-gazetted beaches and we motionless to use them as my solitary art material,” Klauss explains. “Firstly, a volume mirrors a over-production and over-consumption. Secondly, they are ragged directly on a physique and people brand with them some-more strongly than, for example, with a H2O bottle. It’s critical to me that people make a approach tie between sea wickedness and their possess daily lives. After all, it is not ‘them,’ it is each singular one of us causing a tellurian cosmetic pollution,” she adds.

The routine for her designation began with 6 beach clean-ups. The wickedness helped her to “understand that this is a tellurian problem and that my art-awareness-activism is indispensable here as most as anywhere else. we started to enthuse children from Bali Greenschool and we reused ‘lost soles’ for opposite art works in class. With OIOV, we encouraged volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to assistance collect some-more flip-flops and again use them as a middle for land-art. Last though not least, Potato Head Bali upheld by collecting 3000 soles to make vaunt sum over 5000.”

It’s Klauss’ initial permanent designation and so her routine altered some. “To make a flip-flops into a permanent structure meant to join them together,” she notes. “What would be a best tolerable element to do that? We found a 100% recycled thread from bottle caps done by Innovation Hub during Bali Greenschool. The structure underneath a runner of sandals is done from locally sourced, sustainably grown and harvested bamboo here in Bali.” For that, she partnered with ibuku. The design itself took weeks to build, though the impact will hopefully be long-lasting.

Images pleasantness of Potato Head Bali

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