Arrangements on for bali

Elaborate arrangements are in place during a 3 critical normal sites of Kollam where members from a Hindu village will mob on Saturday and Sunday for behaving a pithrutharpanam or Karkidaka vavu bali rituals.

The sites are a Thirumullavaram and Mundakkal Papanasam beaches in a city and a banks of a Ashtamudi Lake, nearby a Ashtamudi Veerabhadra Swamy temple. The rituals embark during 6.15 p.m. on Saturday and will interpretation during 3.15 p.m. on Sunday.

Devotees are expected to start reaching a sites by Saturday afternoon. The Thirumullavaram church authorities have done arrangements for 500 persons to do pithrutharpanam during a time. After behaving a protocol in a sea, devotees will take bath in a freshwater pool of a temple.

The church cabinet members have requested devotees not to wear any bullion ornaments when they come for a ritual. The military have imposed a anathema mobile phones in a closeness of a site where a protocol takes place.

Saplings to be given

The rituals on a Mundakkal Papanasam Beach will be underneath a supervisions of a Papanasam Sree Narayana Guru Deva Mandiram. The mandiram members will discharge about 1,000 saplings to a devotees to plant and maintain in memory of their over desired ones.

The Veerabhadra Swamy church Devswom cabinet will be supervising a protocol during a Ashtamudi march of a Ashtamudi Lake. The protocol will be hold from 4 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. on Sunday. Special KSRTC services will control services from Kollam, Kundara and Anchalumoodu to a site on Sunday.

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