Are Influencers Influencing Where Young People Travel?

I’ve never been to Bali, yet if we indispensable me to, we could clap off a full vacation channel during a moment’s notice: a Ubud jungle swing, a forever pools during a COMO Shambhala Estate, a treetop villas during Kamandalu. Going to Marrakesh? La Mamounia’s expensively tiled alcoves, a supersaturated colors of Jardin Majorelle and a runner souk are not to be missed.

Now, mind you, we usually know of these places by my Instagram feed, yet they’re such a visit backdrop on influencers’ photos that sometimes, that’s easy to forget — generally when it seems like certain destinations are reaching Balenciaga Triple S-levels of trendiness.

Follow a few tip character bloggers or Instagirl-models, and you’ll start to notice a patterns: First, a pastel cliffs of a Amalfi Coast (particularly those of Positano), afterwards a sun-bleached beaches of Ibiza and a bright-blue skies and roofs of Santorini. Even an ultra-exclusive, $2,000-per-night review nestled in a Utah dried can start to feel like it’s in your feed any other week. (Seriously, when did everyone start staying during Amangiri?) Under any post, dozens, if not hundreds of commenters tab their friends and leave heart-eye emojis: “How shortly are we going here?!”; “Adding this to a bucket list”; “BRB, rendezvous flights!!”

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